Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The America Diaries x What Mother Says | Episode 4 - P.F. Changs

"Oh look there's a P.F Changs here. We'll go there for dinner" mum says.

What's that?

"It's angmoh Chinese food."
 (American chinese food)

Why do we wanna eat there? o.o

"When I went to visit a friend in San Francisco out of all the places to go, you know where he brought me?
 P.F Changs
When I came back to LA I saw another friend, you know where she brought me?
P.F Changs.
Now we're in Pasadena, you know where I'm gonna bring you? 
P.F Changs."


"This place is the atas Chinese food, it's really popular among the Americans.
You notice there are no Chinese in here."

Well yea, if I can eat legit Chinese at home why do I wanna pay to eat American Chinese food?
That's like going into Italiannies and saying there are no Italians in here.


What are egg rolls mum? I always hear angmohs talk about it.

"Aiyah it's that roll we always eat, the fried one."

What?! You mean popiah? There isn't even egg in it!


In true American Chinese fashion, I got a fortune cookie at the end of my meal!
Btw, everyone knows that fortune cookies are not Chinese right? They were made in California....
just like Chop Suey.

A pony.. Joseph Gordan Levitt...Tom Hiddleston...
..either one on a pony!

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  1. hahahaha actually I've always been curious about Chinese food in other countries. I'd totally go for Chinese food in Japan if anyone's willing to bring me!