Thursday, November 28, 2013

The American Diaries | Episode 3 - Theatrics on Hollywood Blvd.

The other day I headed over to Hollywood Boulevard and it was.... interesting.

"Don't talk to anyone here, you never know who you're going to meet," was what mum said to me.
Really mum? Maybe an exaggeration. She's overly paranoid most of the time.

I mean it does have it's charm, it's pretty exciting being there and the stretch is really vibrant and full of life!
But I never imagined seeing so many er, different characters there.

There were tonnes of people passing out CDs asking you to listen to them because they were gonna get famous one day,

" Ey come over here! come over here! Take this, take this!"
they would yell at you from the pavement.

There were also so many people parading around in costume.
I saw a Spiderman with a belly, a Spiderman who made balloon animals, Venom, Marilyn Monroe, Freddy Krueger, Catwoman and a really dirty Minnie Mouse.

Also on the stretch, just the block before The Chinese Theater, are probably a hundred costume shops.
Every other shop along the stretch is a costume shop with kinky outfits, fishnets and 30 inch shiny patent heels.

I also saw a few people yelling out random things at passerby's.
There was a man walking around who was kinda talking to himself (...or maybe everyone?) that we needed to wash our windows with Krispy Kremes. But man-talking-to-himself also said I was the most beautiful girl he's seen in his life. So I guess windows and krispy kremes sound plausible now. HAHA!

Oh! While we were there it was also the world premier of Frozen.

The street was blocked up for the red carpet and it was lined up with photographers and news casters.
I was looking out for famous people, but I decided it was too cold and I wanted to get a hot dog instead.

About the hot dogs! There were vendors selling them in small carts, which I was very keen on!
But I was with mums friends at the time and they greatly discouraged me from getting one.

"Your stomach may not be accustomed to this, I wouldn't advise you to get one"
So I didnt, because they sounded really grossed out when I said I wanted one.
(read : don't want to get lectured)

Totally went back to get one the next day. haha!
C'mon I saw Venom getting a hot dog too, so it must be legit right?
Don't judge me! I have Ramly burgers and eat chicken rice by the side of the road. This hot dog vendor is nothing.
And you know what? hot dog ever (so far)

The Icing on the interesting cake was when someone came up to me,
said HEY! patted me on the head and walked off. Whut!!! -.-
I was pretty annoyed, but more on this next time.

So that's Hollywood Boulevard for ya.
So many interesting people as interesting people can be.

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