Monday, November 25, 2013

The America Diaries | Episode 2 - ChapStick, sometimes isn't really ChapStick

Shaun was looking high and low for his "ChapStick" the other day.

"Oh! it's in my pocket!" 
he said and pulled out the little lipbalm tube.

"That's not Chapstick Shaun. That's Burts Bees."

"Yea. It's Burts Bees ChapStick."

"Isn't Chapstick a brand?" I am clearly confused here.

Well yea, this is just a different brand of ChapStick. What would you call it then?"

On second thought, maybe he's the one that's confused.
That's two different brands..right guys, right right?

"Uhmmm lip balm? Isn't that like a completely different brand?"

"Yea, but like Kleenex. No one says pass me a tissue,
they say pass me a Kleenex even if it's a totally different brand"

What I learnt :
1. Just accept it. It doesn't make much sense. 
2. This ad is strangely accurate.

..even when it isn't really.


  1. Isn't that slogan someone's blog URL hahaha

  2. Haha! I just realized! But it's not really. That one's a singular. A singular plural. getit.