Sunday, November 17, 2013

The America Diaries | Episode 1 - The Toilet

The other day, I was in Nordstrom looking high and low for the toilet. 
I needed to pee desperately and I couldn't find it!

I did the usuals, you know, pacing back and forth from one display to another, 
looking up at all the signs (dressing room?..nope not it) and trying to stand on my tip toes in search 
for a door that might have that symbol with the little person on it.

Maybe I'll just ask someone, I think to myself. 
Or maybe I'm not looking for the right sign. Okay whatever I'll ask someone. 
Damn! What do they call it again? 

I pace up and down again and...

Lo and behold! I find -what must be it- a sign that said Ladies Lounge
It's hard enough trying to consciously remind myself not to call it a toilet, 
now I find it's also called Ladies Lounge? What do ladies do in there? ...Lounge?.. hang out maybe?

So I see a door but instead of seeing the usual symbol on it, 
(you know, the little bald lady wearing that triangular dress) there's only a disabled sign.

So uhm...where's the non-disabled toilet then? I try to search and I see a cleaning lady.

"Hi! So, I'm looking for the *10 second pause to use the correct term* ...bathroom?" 
I manage, trying to make sure I don't just go on the floor. Really. Needed. To. Pee.

She looks at me for a brief second (but long enough for me to sense her annoyance) and says,
"The restroom? It's in here!" she points at the door with the disabled sign.

Okay. My bad. So I guess disabled sign doesn't mean only for disabled. 
It simply means, disableds are welcomed as well. 
That's nice.

Three things I learnt:

1. Don't call it a toilet. It's called the Restroom...
 or the Ladies Lounge if you feel like being fancy with your pinky up and all.

2. Disabled sign does not mean only for disableds

3. Go to the toilet before you leave the house.

That is all.


  1. That's so weird. So if the toi... ladies lounge is fully occupied, disabled people have to queue up? And if I'm disabled and looking for the toi... ladies lounge and I don't see the disabled sign, I can't use it?

  2. Yes! That sounds logical! Let's make sure it confuses no one.
    Good job on the lawyering Cary ;)