Saturday, November 16, 2013

What to do when your battery dies.

1. Nothing. 
Because your battery is dead. How will you take a picture of your food now? How will you IM the people who aren't in conversation vicinity? What will you do with your hands!!!?

Okay but I guess there's always..

2. Try to socialize with the people around you.
Yea, see that's not so bad huh? Oh but hold on, they're all on their phones. That's nice.
What will you do with your hands!!?

3. Do the obvious and charge it.
But you don't have a charger with you. Well, you have one in your car, but you're in meetings the whole day so I guess that's not gonna work now is it?

I hateee it when my phone runs out of battery. It's the worst thing in the world, especially in this day and age! Even my mum whatsapps me when she wants to ask me something. So having your battery die and not being connected just makes the world a gloomier place. Okay I'm being dramatic....or am I really?

Lemme tell you a few instances where my phone died and it made my world a gloomier place.

At MTV World Stage:
I have no pictures of Robin Thicke -who was probably one of the most popular performances that night- because my phone died. Gloomier place.

In the middle of no where:
I usually only use GPS for certain occasions. Like when I'm lost. At night. By myself. 
This is dangerous, I don't recommend it. Gloomier place.

And the many many times my phone died when I was travelling and couldn't take pictures!
Sooo annoying! What if I saw Justin Timberlake walk pass me on Rodeo Drive huh? Wasssted! Gloomier place.

I rest my case!

What you should probably do is...

4. Get yourself a power bank
Because dalam zaman kemodenan ini (in this day and age) it's a necessity.

But you know what's also annoying? The power banks that come as heavy as.... a really heavy thing and thicker than...a really thick thing! You may as well be carrying this around.

I know Michael, I understand your concerns too!
I have enough things to carry in my handbag and I really don't need to carry around a brick as well. So, you can do the shameless thing of asking your friends if they have power banks or ridiculously asking if anyone has a charger with them (unlikely) or you can....

5. Get yourself a UTOO S2 Powerbank
I use it now and I kinda love it! It's sleek, it's sexy also charges my phone lol.

At mms thick, it fits perfectly into a clutch and barely weighs a thing! I also really like it's matte, this means no scratches, which is greeeat! I already need to look for a cover for my phone, don't really need to make my life complicated by looking for a cover for my power bank. 

Here are some fun facts (aka boring boy things)

Input: DC 5V/1A
Output: DC 5V/1A
Input port: Micro USB
Output port: USB 

Lithium Polymer Battery: 3.7V/3000mAh

So uhm, did I also mention it can fit into my clutch!?  and because it's so light, it's always in my bag and I bring it everywhere I go!

All happy at Sunway Lagoon
All gross after the One Republic concert
All bundled up in Disneyland!

I really do love it la, it's made the world a sunnier place and I don't have to worry if I see Justin Timberlake pass me by on Rodeo Drive. I'll be camera ready, battery fully charged and all. ;)

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  1. Xha Wu is this an advertorial! i feel conned.

    but yeah it looks pretty thin!