Friday, November 15, 2013

Halloween and Genting Theme Park

Happy Halloween Everyone!

It was a dark and stormy night...

Oh but first! For Halloween, Naeust, Fresh026, Antzz22 and I decided to make dressing up a group effort. We decided that whoever we did dress up as was, was someones of substance. Someones influential, someones inspiring, someones who's conversations carried so much weight that their words would be quoted until the end of time. Someones admirable. (Yes someones. Plural because it was a group effort)

So we showed up, looking like this..

We even tried to recreate some of the scenes, just to be legit.

So anyway, it was a dark and rainy night when we decided to head up to Genting for their Halloween do. 

When was the last time anyone sat on a cable car? I was probably 5.
Cable car, night time, after the rain when we had work the next day - we're pretty hard core huh? Party animals we all. 

The entire theme park (which is closed for renovation btw) was divided into different sections and dressed up for Halloween. The picture below sorta gives you a feel of the park - dark, cold, creepy and really misty. I kept wondering if someone was gonna spring out from the water and scare the shit out of one did. #creepingselfout

The Haunted Playground



Old Shang Hai


City of Walkers 

I'm not usually that into Halloween but this was fun! I was legit-ly spooked at some points. There's so much room for things to creep up behind, near, by, next to, in front of you. We were even walking with our arms linked and in a line lol! I love you guys.

Ice cream to end the night, because we're hardcore like that!

That's all from me. A short update because I'm actually typing away in Changi Airport waiting for my flight to LA. I've been here for the past 4 hours. Not so bad because Singapore Airport is so well equipped! I was watching The Hobbit in their theater awhile ago - which is located next to a room with coms specifically for LAN games (whuttt). There are also PS3 stations, gardens and the wifi here is faster than the one in my own house! It's almost obscene....that's why I'm updating my Spotify playlists for my 19 hours of flight time.

Okay over and out homies!

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