Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why I wish TV was accessible wherever I went.

"Trixh! what happened to the TV?" mum says in a panic.

Okay, TV isn't working. It's only ...the end of the world!
Watching TV is an essential part of my house life. While I have dinner, I'm watching something at the corner of my eye. Painting my nails? Having tea? Combing out my dogs fur? Updating my blog? I do it all while watching movies or tv series. You could say I'm almost addicted. Almost. I suppose it doesn't help to mention that it's also become a habit that I must have something playing on my laptop while I wait to fall asleep? heh

Sometimes I wish TV were accessible wherever I went, like :

1. While waiting for the dentist or doctor.
Because even with an appointment, you just know you'd spend at least an hour waiting for your turn.

2. While waiting for a friend who decided to take "Malaysian timing" very very seriously.
*checks time on phone. locks. unlocks. checks time on phone*

3. While at the salon.
Because I can only refresh instagram and twitter so many times haha...and also there's only so many times I can tweet about the joys of someone washing my hair for me.

4. On public transport
Because there's only so many times you should catch the person across staring at you before it gets creepy. 

ps. this takes awhile

5. While you're waiting for the tow truck to come
Because your car died on the way to work and you're kinda stranded by the side of the highway.

You know, just those everyday instances *ahem* where being able to watch movies or series on the go would make the world a better place. 

Wellll.......Guess what I've discovered recently! 

my own world of entertainment, so I'll be entertained wherever I go!

There's over 500 movies to pick from and at Hi-Res too! Escape is accessible on phones, laptops, tablets and Ipads so I can keep entertained anytime, anywhere. I love technology! 

Okay best part, let's say the tow truck finally comes and your half way through your Will Smith's Seven Pounds, you'd definitely want to know what happens at the end right? There's a Pause & Play Function you can use - pause it on your phone and you can continue watching it where you left off on your Ipad at home....or continue watching it while you're waiting at the mechanic heh. So you won't be left hanging and you'll know what happens in the end *he diessss*

Charges are from 80sen an hour and RM1.60 to entertain me for such occasions above sounds pretty great to me! also you I don't get restless and start running around in circles haha.

Check it out for yourself too! 
Downloads for the app is free! For more info you can check it out here :

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