Sunday, September 29, 2013

What mother says - What to do with all this extra cuteness?

 I was a really fat baby.
When I was a year old, people would ask my mum if I were 2 because I was big and really solid
 (it's okay, I think fat babies are extra cute #consolesself).
My mum says the cause of my ahem "extra cuteness" was my maid who used to stuff me and said I'd look more prosperous!

"You know what she used to feed you! She used to feed you chocolate milk and rice for dessert!
My goodness! I was so afraid you were gonna be a 300 pound teenager" mum says,
"...then you'd be a 300 pound adult and it'd be more difficult to find a husband. You were a year old and I was already thinking of how I was gonna put you on a diet in your 20s."

Oh mother!

On a different note,

"Don't go and take ugly pictures of me and put it on your block, don't say anything about me and put it there.
Do you talk about me on your block?"

" No mother, never! I wouldn't dare dream of it!"

Heh heh heh.

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