Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The flavour of the month.

I've never thought much of ice cream. 
I mean I like ice cream but I've never had a favourite "must eat or you're losing out" ice cream flavour,
not one I'd go out of my way for anyway. 

But the other day,

"Oooo there's a new flavour in Baskin Robbins. Can I try this one?"  *taps annoyingly on glass*

Omg it was so good, but I was so full! I just had my usual,
too-much-for-dinner dinner and I was stuffed.

"It's okay, I'll get some another day! Thanks!" 
 and I walked out of there like I usually do,
unashamed, like I did them a huge favour letting me try the ice cream for free. haha

A few days after, I went to One Utama for one purpose and one purpose alone - to get.my.ice cream.

and guess what? It wasn't there anymore!

Stupid flavour of the month, can't they have it up for more than a month?
I was still quite persistent la, so I went to the branch in Uptown.

and guess what? It wasn't there anymore either!

Still determined to get my ice cream. I went to Centerpoint the next day. 
and guess what? it was sold out! D:


 I went to Times square after work last week and I got more than excited when I saw Baskin Robbins. 
Here was my chance guys!

I walked back and forth, eyeing the flavours, looking out for my ice cream.
 It was there..

..but it was mushier than mush. All melty like it had been left out in the heat then placed back in the display, waiting to disappoint unsuspecting ice cream enthusiasts. 

No I was not giving in to this. I was not ordering it. Even though I'd gone all over looking for it. I wasn't. 
Why, after all I'd been through, I was an ice cream aficionado now, a connoisseur even.
Surely I deserve better than melty ice cream mush I reasoned with myself.

"Why is it like thatttt!!?! I'm so angry!! Why is it all meltedd!? the only place I can find my ice cream!" 
I was almost stomping my feet.

 I'm pretty sure Baskin Robbins was playing with my feelings at this point..
Yea well who needs 'em!?


Over the weekend (to drown my sorrows) I went for tea with Jou and we decided to go to Publika.
We were on the way to the car when I saw it - a bright shiny Baskin Robbins (store? ice creamery? okay no sounds so pretentious) shop and I started heading towards it. It was calling me. Pulling me. Like a magnetic forc....

"Didn't we park that side?" 
Jou said snapping me out of whatever trance I was in.

"Hmm? Oh ya ya can we just check Baskin Robbins"
I say nonchalantly, like it was no big deal.

We got to the display, my heart skipped a little. I saw it.
I think that was it. But there wasn't a sign. I was skeptical, I doubted that was it...or was it it?

"Hi! Excuse me! What flavour is this?"

He said it was it, but I had to be sure. I had my reservations.

"Oh okay, can I try this?" I say casually, keeping my cool and all that.

and guess what?

"Okay I want a pint!" I demanded. demanded!

I was so happy I was almost skipping!

"It's just ice cream" Jou says. 


"It's not just ice cream" I say, having a proper White Chicks moment.

It's a decadent mix of Mascarpone ice cream and raspberry swirled cheesecake pieces,
wrapped together with crunchy lemon shortbread!!

Lemon Mascarpone Cheesecake is so good; it should be the flavour of the month!
hurhurhur getit getit?

You need to try it now, you don't know what you're missing out on.

Here it is, right where it belongs...

..in my fridge.
I'll never feel the same way about another ice cream flavour.. everrr!

Oh..the flavour of the month of September is Chocolate Orange Hazelnut.

Maybe I'll get some another day
*taps annoyingly on glass*


  1. i have a very complex relationship with BR31...

  2. why? what did they do to you? ALWAYS not have the flavours you're looking for?