Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to cram Siem Reap into 2 days | Day 1 : Ang Kor Wat

After floating along Kampong Phluk we headed to Ang Kor Wat because,

"Jou, we need to see the sunset in Angkor, apparently it's the most magical thing in the world as the sun sets over the temple" I said while she was planning our itinerary. I love my friends haha.

To get into Angkor, you need to buy yourself tickets - USD20. 
Here we are waiting in front instead of coming back at 5pm (when the counters open), like the kiasu Asians we are.

And that's my mugshot on the right haha. Reason for mugshot is you can use the ticket for 24hours and they check the tickets everytime you enter a temple.

The idealest of ideal places to catch the sunset is atop Phnom Bakheng, but there's a limit to the amount of people that enter.We weren't so lucky and the spaces were all taken up by the time we got there. Had there been a line, we'd probably would be the first ones to get there ...or the first ones after the Chinese tourists anyway but if you take a half day tour, you'd probably be able to get a spot...before all the Chinese tourists do.

Second idealest place, Angkor Wat. So we went to Angkor Wat!

It rained earlier that day, but it didn't bother us. It was about 4pm and the sun was to set at 6pm, plenty of time for clouds to clear and time to explore!

I was really excited! Walking on the same pathway that Khmer people - hundreds and hundreds of years ago - walked on. Trying to avoid puddles and wondering how people used to run across without tripping over.....or do monks not run?


Plenty of time to explore, and take stupid pictures!

Mimicking the carvings on the walls



Now about the sunset, we walked alot, got rained on a little and climbed to the very top of the temple to watch the sunset and boy did the sun set.....

.....behind the clouds, on the rainy gloomy day that it was, where the clouds did not clear.
I was a little bummed but I was more tired than anything and it was okay la, because we were going to see the spectacular sunrise the next day! More on this in my next Kemboja post! Below is a picture of Angkor Wat at 5 in the morning!

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