Monday, September 2, 2013

Going for a facial.

Whenever I talk to my friends and the topic of getting a facial comes up, they always say things like "relaxing" and "calming" and "I always fall asleep". Pft.

I always get restless during facials like it's 2 hours of my life, lying in the same position where I'm unable to do anything else. I'm the type of person who likes to cram as much as I can into what I'm doing - as I type away now, I'm watching AFC and learning how to cook the ends of my spring onions. See? productive or what!?

But I couldn't take it anymore! I don't know what's going on with my face. le sigh :(
So I bit the bullet and made an appointment for a facial.

"You see this part? it's quite dry and quite oily"

"how can my face be oily yet dry at the same time?" I think to myself, a little defeated.

"Your skin is a little dehydrated and you see here there's fine lines because it's dehydrated"

Fine linesss?!! I guess I only have pretty hair then, to quote Ming Yue.

"There's congestion here and some pimples..and.."

I zone out. 

Okay okay I knoww ugly la ugly. Just fix my face no need tell me what I already know, I think nodding at her with a smile.

I lay there looking up at the ceiling wondering how I can play Poko Pang when her hands are blocking me. I move my legs impatiently.


" Uhm..your face, you...tahan abit la okay?"

I wonder why I pay so much money for someone to torture me so.

"Here's the hydrating mask," she says and brushes a thick layer of ..mush over my face.

Damnit. My chin itches. I hope she brushes mush over my chin!

"Just relax for a few minutes for the mask, I'll come back in awhile"

Noooo come backkk! Can't see, can't move face. Come back!

Now, a lot of things can go through your mind while you're lying there,
Quiet. By yourself. Alone....

Damnit I need to pee! 

But it's okay, it's okay because I can just concentrate on other things..
like the classic that's playing in the background..what's it called again? *snaps fingers*
It's the one they always play at weddings. ah crap can't remember..

After 2 and a half hours and layers of mask later, 
I come out with a cleaner face and well that wasn't so bad I guess.....maybe.
Let's just try to schedule my next facial as far away as I possibly can.

And oh yes! It's called Canon in D!

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