Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why I converted.

Many have asked me what lead to such a big decision.
I really don't have an answer. It's something I've been thinking about how awhile now; the only reason it took some time was probably because..well, people were questioning my decision to do so. Asking me if I were sure, asking me if that's what was best, telling me I shouldn't make rash decisions and how I should be more adhering to something.

Have you no loyalties?

I guess I don't.
I suppose it's hard to explain... maybe it's how I felt limited, how I'm able to do so many things now that I wasn't able to do before. So many things await me now, I'm not even sure where to start.

I guess my disloyalty began when....

.... I was looking for a way to transfer my contacts to my Samsung Galaxy S4.

But to start from the very beginning - It started when I was at work and I saw this magic video:

OMG I NEED TO GET ONE! #effectiveadvertising or... #easilyconvinced

So let me just walk you through the functions and specs of this phone....

Hoh hoh hoh!! I made a funny! I'm gonna talk about the S4's camera and it's functions - because if I were to begin about processors, I'd be talking about alot of Kenwood *ba dum tshh!*
But anyway...

Let's begin with Dual Shot

This is my favourite feature! While I was in Cambodia this was incredibly handy to make sure that everyone was in the picture. It's almost the best travel companion. :D

Especially since we travelled all over by tuk tuk where we sit across from each other. I even took a video! Remember in my previous post I mentioned that the road to Kampong Phluk was incredibly bumpy?

Imagine if you were ever to backpacking, it would be so easy to share pics and videos with your friends and family on facebook without blocking half the view with your face!

Sound Shot

I took some Sound & Shots when we were around Ang Kor Wat.

Unfortunately, it's only compatible with S4s so I can't upload it here but I'm so happy that I have it in my phone. I have this one shot of a moment that I was walking out of Angkor Wat after sunset and there was calming traditional music and chimes playing. Really set the tone of the place, almost felt like a temple. hur hur hur!

 Here's a video to explain it better. Watch it! It's actually a really good video.

Action Shot

Which give you several shots.... of an action. I'm so articulate I can't believe it sometimes haha.

I suppose this would be handy for taking pictures of your baby's first steps and jump shots or just like vain pictures of yourself to prove a point.

Moving on, you know how it's incredibly irritating when you're all ready to take the perfect shot? Hair all flowy, fringe out of your face, smile in place. Then your picture gets taken....and there's someone walking in your shot or even  blocking the thing main point of the picture, like the Disneyland sign or The Eifel tower. Is this annoying or what?

Okay you ready for this? There's a feature in the S4 called Eraser, which does exactly what it's called..yea. Here's an example of how magic this feature is :

How this works is - it snaps a few pictures and then erase the unwanted then join the pictures together so they it looks like one picture - magic.

Last but not least, you know those gifs you see 9gag/ all over the internet that you love so much?

Aren't they the best?

Imagine if you could generate one immediately. 
Think of all the possibilities.

Well, with the S4...

you can!

This feature is called Animated Photo and it's awesome okay please!

Are these functions awesome or what? Completes all your camera needs!
In fact, there are more camera functions that I haven't even gotten around to testing out. So I guess it isn't hard to see why I changed my phone #noloyalties.
Of course, I didn't just get it for the camera functions, if you want to know more about the other features and specs of the phone look out for my next post....

Hoh hoh hoh! No..I'm totally kidding. Watch the #effectiveadvertising video I posted above and I'm pretty sure you'd realize that you need one too. Need.
Okay! That's all from me!