Thursday, August 29, 2013

This is a public apology.

I don't usually buy into hype-y games.
Candy crush? tried it, meh. Didn't see the appeal and I usually get bored of these things just as fast.

I also extremely dislike getting requests on facebook for things like Pet Society or Mafia Wars - or whatever it is that's in now lah - and tell myself that I WILL NOT be one of these people who send out game invitations. 

But there we were at dinner when Anne said 
"You should try playing Poko Pang, here you can play it on my phone." 


Now I play it everywhere!

At home...

In the car...

At dinner...

At work...

And even when you're waiting for the commercials before a movie...

So to all Line users who don't play Poko Pang,
I truly apologize for sending you clovers and invites, but the thing is.....
you don't understand!! I need to buy animal and attack blocckkkks!!!

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