Monday, August 19, 2013

What mother says - Air Supply Edition.

Why hello there! I just got back from Air Supply!

It was s'good! 
*eyes sparkle*


They're so good live! 
*eyes sparkle sparkler*

While most people were at Good Vibes, I was partying at Air Supply with my mum haha!

You can probably guess what age group the crowd at the concert fell under - or over hur hur hur.
Mum and I were making oldie cracks throughout the concert.
But don't get us wrong, we love Air Supply! and Air Supply was mums time so most of the crowd were around her age. 
It's just that, we just can't control ourselves... most of the time.

"Oh look at all these people here, all the older crowd, around my age.. 
Oh! there are some young people, their parents must've brought them along. 
I should tell people my daughter brought me along. Not the other way around."


 It was quite a walk from the parking lot to the hall and when we found out seat I said,
"This is the most civilized concert I've been to. Everyone's sitting down."
"They must be tired from walking to the parking lot, too tired to stand up anymore."

"Hey mum..they used to be a lot fitter"
"..they were younger..used to run around the stage more, Now they look at the stage they ask -
Why is it so big??!" 

I was going a little crazy during the concert.
I mean it's Air Supply and I love Air Supply, have I  mentioned?

 "Making loooove out of nothing at all..."
" MAKING LOVE!" I would chime in for back ups.

I'm sure if Russell and Graham could hear me they'd be very impressed haha.
The lady seated next to me -who was clapping along politely-  however, was probably less impressed.

"Wooohhhh!!! OOOoow oOoOow oOoOo!!!!!!"
"People must be looking around in shock thinking - OH MY GOODNESS! There's a young person in here! Don't embarrass me okay, don't cramp my style," said mum.


"Russells always going back stage, sometimes I wonder what he does back there," Graham says.
"...he's going back there to count the money hahaha!" mum whispered jokingly.


"The last time we were in Kuala Lumpur, it was 32 years ago!" Russell Hitchcock announces.
"Trixh, you see all the people here? They were probably following them since 32 years ago...then the next time they come down, they'll need to bring their walkers!hahah"


"Mum there are St. Johns here. You know just in case things get too rowdy and somebody gets hurt"
"Yea! Maybe just in case someone who's standing in the front is clapping too loud and his heart can't take it"



"He's asking us to go to the front! Let's go Trixh!"
"If we're lucky they might jump into the crowd to crowd surf later and we might catch them hahaha"


"Thanks for bringing me. Reviving the youth in me. Making me feel young again."
"I bet you almost wanna stand on your chair and scream, I might have to hold you back mother."
"Actually...I would if we were anywhere else. Here, I'm scared people might recognize me"


After the concert, there were still a lot of people hanging around the hall,
 "Wow mum, look at the people here. Still up, probably the latest they've been out. Maybe there's an after party! hahaha"
"Hahaha what after party? They probably had to take heart pills just because they sat in the front!"


" I think his voice used to be more crisp"
"Mum..that was 30 years ago, give chance, they still really good"
" You're right, they still got it. I really enjoyed the concert. They must be really tired after."
"No after party for them"
"Probably need help putting yoko (muscle ache medicine) on their backs after the concert!"
"Hahah! when they take off their shirts, they already have Salonpas (muscle ache patches) all over underneath!"

Soooo, it was a really good concert la! 
If they were playing for 2 days I might just go both days!
*Eyes sparkle sparkler than a sparkler*

 Mum: That was good! I guess you know what I'll be playing in my car for the next few days.

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