Saturday, August 17, 2013

How to cram Siem Reap into 2 days.


Siem Reap means "Flat Defeat of Siam" or "Siamese defeated"

While you're in Siem Reap you'll notice that there are no tall buildings, this is because nothing can be built higher than Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat is a temple and not the name of a city. Angkor is the name of the city.

For us tourists in Cambodia, we use the USD instead of Riel.


I was super pumped about this trip! I've always wanted to visit Angkor Wat,  so "always" that I even wrote it in my resolutions for this year - see here. #successkidaccomplishedface

Now you may think 2 days is a really short time, but I think we covered quite alot of Siem Reap - especially since our days began at 4 in the morning. Things we did in the same day felt like it happened days ago...if that makes any sense.

We arrived in Siem Reap early early early in the morning and decided to head to Kampong Phluk - the floating village on Tonle Sap- which is about an hours away and through a really really really bumpy road. I actually took a video of how bumpy the road was, I'll upload it next time.

We got around Kampong Phluk in a speedboat....because a boat's probably the only way to get around a floating village haha!




Everything in Kampong Phluk is really peaceful - no rush, swim when you want to swim, hang around in your boat when you wanna hang around in your boat, that kinda thing. They have everything they need too. A police station, a school, a temple, a clinic - which are all built over the water of course.

A little ways down - pass the village, was the mangrove and lots of sampans (did I just English-plural a Malay word? Oh yes I think I did haha). 


We had two girls row us through the mangrove, this was one of them! Behind us were the guys, I really pity their rowers - I'm sure the guys gave them a hard time rowing.

The mangrove was even more peaceful. Birds chirping, crickets erh..criketing, the sound of the water lapping. If I had a sampan, I'd sampan to the middle of the mangrove and lay there the whole day. Maybe read a book, maybe sleep, maybe look at the sky - did I just use sampan as a verb? Yes I think I did.

It started raining really heavily when we got back. Luckily, Samuel had raincoats for us! :)

  ..because friends help you put on your raincoat when you need help putting on your raincoat.

Oh btw! The boat through the floating village was USD20 per person and the sampan through the mangroves was USD5. The whole trip takes about half a day and there are a few floating restaurants around that you can have lunch in...lunch and beer, which was the top priority on the guys' lists.

Okay peace out guys, this post was longer than I expected it to be haha. Angkor Wat in the next post...

...and it's still counted as Day 1!

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