Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Questions because I need answers : Pacific Rim

You know every time you come out of a movie and think, "Omg! that was the best movie ever! Wah the CGI, wah the suspense, wah the guy with the abs!"

Ya well, I usually think the same things but what drives me crazy are the scenes that don't quite add up.
"Why did they do that when they could've done this? Why did they have to add in that part at all? Did he really have to die? Who pushed pussy in the well?" I always have so many questions that go unanswered.

I just got back from watching Pacific Rim and somebody needs to answer these! These are probably spoilers la so maybe you wanna skip this post in...




Question 1 
You know how Marshal Stacker kept bleeding? He explains that this was due to radiation poisoning in a past mission.
He then goes on to saying that he can never step foot in a Jaeger again or he'll die and when he suits up to step into the Jaeger, Mako Mori get's all emotional and says something like;

"But you will die if you step foot in a Jaeger *cries*" 

Why is it that he will? Remember the part where the Kaiju blasts an electromagnetic pulse and then all of Hong Kong and the Jaeger's were disabled? They were all freaking out and the conversation went something like;

 "Oh damnn! All the Jaeger's are electronic! We can't do anything! We're screwed!"
"Yes all of them are electronically powered. All except the dup da da daaa *heroic music* Gipsy Danger that's the only Jaeger that's nuclear powered"

Then? Doesn't that mean that Marshal Stacker can pilot a Jaeger since they're all electronically and not nuclear powered now? O.O

Question 2
When they were self-destructing the Gipsy Danger, Raleigh had to do it manually because it's system was down (or something to that effect) but while Raleigh was in the Kaiju hub but managed to eject himself out of the Jaeger and the..erh.. Kaiju hub.

Why didn't Marshal Stacker and the Australian guy do the same? If Marshal had enough time to give Mako Mori his final wishes, wouldn't they have time to get into the pod and eject themselves out of there as well?

I'm sure that pod travels pretty fast because Raleigh managed to get himself out of the Kaiju hub as it was blowing up. Why couldn't they have just self-destructed and floated away as well? O.O  
Is this because of that thing they say about the people who always die in movies?*

Question 3 
When Newton drifted with the Kaiju, why were they looking for him? I don't this was explained in the movie was it?
Did I miss something when I went to the toilet? Doesn't that mean they have access to info on the Jaeger end as well? They probably could've beaten the Jaegers with that info but that still doesn't explain why they were looking for him. O.O

Question 4
Remember when the Kaiju blasted the electromagnetic pulse and you saw the whole city's electric supply die?
How come Newton and the other civilians were still able to hide in the safety vault that was still well lit while there was a fight going on in the sea? O.O

If you haven't watched the movie yet but decided to read till here then do keep these in mind when you watch it; you can answer my questions and let me know if I missed anything vital that has the answers when I went to the toilet....again.

Overall, it was a pretty good movie, a combo of Transformers, Avatar and Predator. Alot of suspense and it's something new la. It's one of those "must watch" movies that you might or might not watch twice. So go watch it so we can discuss this after!

*.....what? where? who? no I didn't!


  1. i'm not reading this cos i think lotsa spoilers alerttttttt

    1. It's it after you watch the movie hahah!