Monday, July 15, 2013

Jou's Birthday | Tea @ The Ritz Carlton

" But Trisssshhh I want a fondant cake! All I ever wanted was fondant cake!"

Jou was really psyched about her party. In fact, I think it made up most of our conversations the few weeks before. "What should the theme be? Where should I have it? Should I get props? Do you think people will dress up? Should we do a people-you'll-never-see-together theme?" Not that I'm complaining, I liked talking about these things haha!

Of course, being the sucha-good-friend that I am, I offered to help out here and there but Jou did all the heavy lifting (metaphorically) while I just placed balloons around the table on the day and assure her that people do dress up for themed parties...especially since Fly FM was having that community message about following dress codes, to make all the guests feel guilty had they not hah!

Jou looking all flapper. :)

 Our tiered afternoon tea, complete with sweets and savouries.

One of the sweet tiers. Everything on this was really good!

A pot of tea for each and here are the different teas you get to choose from.
I can't remember the name of the tea I picked, but I remember it was fancy haha.

May looking extra flapper.

 Neeraj looking all gangster. 

 On top of booking the venue and ordering balloons, Jou had also prepared the props!
See, told you she did all the heavy lifting; Pauline brought the Audrey Hepburn cigarette holders.



The girls..

 and the guys,

all together now!  :)

Dear Jou, if you're reading this, I can't believe we've known each other for 14 years!
It seems like just yesterday that I saw this girl, all by her lonesome, standing by herself during Moral class and asked her to sit next to me haha!

Here's a late-ish wish but Happy Birthday Jou!
Here's to many more years of friendship when we'll be the cool grandmas throwing themed parties like what people wore in the early 2000s (children/grandchildren not invited of course, they'll just make us look un-cool, c'mon), sending each other does-this-walking-stick-match-with-my-ootd pictures and baking till late; when I'll fall asleep on your lazy boy while you continue baking with the help on your walker haha!

Love you long time!

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