Thursday, July 18, 2013

Questions that are peppered with insults (aka stupid-question-comments)

"Why your dress like that wan?"

I look down at my dress, why? I see nothing wrong with it. I think it looks pretty good. In fact, it looked pretty good on Lauren Conrad as well.

Why do people ask these kinds of questions? How am I supposed to answer your stupid judging question?

"Oh my dress is like this because I went around the store looking for something I absolutely abhor and in my opinion, was terribly ugly and decided I would love to buy it" *rolls eyes* ...Idiot.

I really wanted to title this post  'Stupid things people say' but I guess I wanted to be a little more specific. Let's say you bake a cake,

"Why your cake look like that wan?"  or  "Why your cake so sweet wan?"

Obvious answer is because it came out of the oven looking like that and because I put sugar in it foo'!

But I shouldn't have to answer these kind of questions, that are asked in a judging tone - I must add again. If I bake the cake, it's optional whether you want to eat it or not. If it's too sweet, do the polite thing of throwing it away while I'm not looking, not coming up to me and asking me questions as such.

Among the stupid questions that are peppered with insults that people ask, here are the more popular ones that I'm sure you've encountered.

"Why you cut/dye your hair like that?"

"Why your hair so long wan?"

"Why you dress like aunty wan?"

"Why your arms so big wan?"

"You put on weight ah?"

You know the saying, If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all, more people need to familiarize themselves with it.

But it's not even that, it's just the sheer stupidity in the question. I think I'd much rather someone come up to me and say "I don't like your top" than asking me something as stupid as (read in most judging voice in your head that you can muster, and add an "almost" tinge of disgust in it) "why your top like that wan?" *rolls eyes* ....Idiot.

How to respond to stupid-question-comments so that said person realizes he's being an idiot, you have some options :

"Why is your dog so old?"

The blatantly obvious : because she's not so young
The hint of sarcasm : really? I only got her 15 years ago
If you're lazy : because she is la.

"Why are your eyes so big?"

The blatantly obvious : because I was born with big eyes
The hint of sarcasm : Only today. I make them smaller on weekends.
If you're lazy : because they are la.

I usually use the last one, because more often than not, I don't feel like entertaining such questions :

"Why is your hair so long?"
"because I like la"

"why are you so fair?"
"because I like la"

Now, how to rephrase questions so you don't sound like an idiot :

"Oh you cut your hair, how (not why) did you decide to cut it like that?"

" I see a lot of people wearing split sleeve tops (or high low tops), is that a trend now?"

Some questions like "why your dress like that wan? why your arms so big wan? why your face so round wan?" you should just forgo. I know plenty of people who dress like they're perpetually on the way to the market and I don't feel the need to ask them, "Why are you dressed like you going to the pasar?" and it's sometimes ironic that the people who feel the need to stupid-question-comment me on what I'm wearing aren't exactly fashionistas, they're the kind of people I feel like stupid-question-commenting the above stupid-question-comment when they stupid-question-comment me about the way I dress.

So don't be that person okay? When you feel like a stupid-question-comment is going to come out from your mouth, take a step back, lose the judgement in your voice and consciously remind yourself to not sound like an idiot.

This is a community message - causing awareness so you.* don't have to deal with stupid-question-comments.

I also wanted to talk about the stupid "words of wisdom" people think they need to impart in your life. I guess I'll save that for another post haha!

*fullstop after you is meant to be read with a dramatic pause.

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