Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let's meet our 5 Bachelors.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have here with us a few candidates for this post :

Bachelor #1
He's constantly showering you with poems and compliments on how beautiful you are. He's always there to offers words of encouragement and support in whatever you do. It doesn't end there because he also tweets, instagrams and updates his facebook status to tell the world of how much he's in love with you and never fails to remind you of how he doesn't want another pretty face or anyone to hold, he wants you and your beautiful soul ...he even writes you songs that he sings to you while playing on his guitar like this *raises eyebrows* :

Bachelor #2
Bachelor 2 is a practical guy. He's ever willing to lend you a helping hand in anything you do. Does your light bulbs need changing? He's on it. Car died along the LDP during rush hour? Just give him a call and he'll be more than happy to come to your rescue. You leave your plates in the sink after a long day at work and when you wake up the next morning, he's cleaned, dried and stored them for you. He's dependable and always there to lend a..or rather,two, helping hands.

Bachelor #3
Bachelor 3 shows he cares with gifts. He surprises you with Snowflake on a hot day and buys you sentimental presents like a charms for your charm bracelet *nudge nudge*. Whether he hasn't seen you for two months or two, whether it's your anniversary or just a plain weekday he's constantly bringing you little gifts, be it food, something handmade or little cutesy things. He's a real giver, and a real keeper ladies. ;)

Bachelor #4
Bachelor 4 spends all the time he can with you. You feel like seeing him after a long day? Well, even after back to back meetings all day he'll rush right over. Feel like having an impromptu lunch when he's busy at work? No matter because he'll squeeze in the time for you! No matter how late or how busy his day goes,  when you want him there, he's always got time for you. And if he doesn't, well he'll make time!

Bachelor #5
Is all about touch. Hugs when you need it most, and even when you don't. Kisses on forehead, hands on cheeks, arms around you, holding you close (sorry, only PG13 examples, need to keep my blog clean). When you need a shoulder, or chest, to cry on he's always close and makes you feel safe. It also helps that he looks like this :

Settle down now.

So which of these bachelors is your pick?


The other day a friend sent me a link to the 5 Love Languages. It's sorta an analysis on how you  love and show love to the people you care about. The 5 are, much like the 5 bachelors :

Words of Affirmation 
Acts of Service
Receiving gifts 
Quality time
Physical touch 

These are the 5 Love Languages and are the ways you give/show love. It's also usually how you receive/feel most loved. This doesn't just apply for your significant other but also for your friends, parents, siblings, cousins, uncles..everyone la k.

Maybe you're all, okay most people should be somewhat of  all, but you probably have 2 that are more evident than others. Mine are Receiving gifts and Acts of Service. I feel most loved and cared for when someone gives me things ....haha okay that doesn't make me sounds princessy at all.Lemme rephrase... I feel most cared for when someone knows me well enough and thinks about me when I'm not around-enough to want to take the initiative to get me/make me something they'd know I like. Acts of service, if someone goes out of their way for me I think that's plenty love...even cared for-more-er when I don't have to ask.

If you aren't sure which you are you can take the test here :

It kinda helps you realize and understand why that person doesn't show love a certain way. It's probably not that they don't care, it's probably because they care in a different way than you do. I say probably can't base everything on this la. There's also personality, kindness, goodness, generosity and all that other hippie stuff.haha

So which of the 5 are you?

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