Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kate Spring Summer Collection Worrkshop by Mikiya Hirai

A few weeks back, I headed over to Seventh Heaven in Pavillion for Kate's Makeup Workshop!
Mikiya Hirai was gonna teach us how to make up our Office makeup and make it Party makeup
 and you know it's gonna get pretty intense when they put 30 girls in a room with tables full of makeup ;)
Wendy and I found our seats and started picking up and checking out the make up in front of us. Okay la, it was less civilzed and more like "oooh! this is nice! *tosses down and picks up another shinier item*  eh I want to get this!"


I liked that the workshop was really hands on. As Mikiya Hirai was explaining the hows and whats to apply, we were following along with the many many Kate makeup samples that were at our disposal!
There were also the Kate pros around to lend us a helping hand and tell us how to properly apply makeup to get the look you want.

 Getting a helping hand.
I asked about lining my lower lids because that's something I usually don't do.
These made my eyes huge!

Elie getting a helping hand.

A tea break in between the session :)

Ashley and I after we finished putting on our face.
I blinked in the second picture but I guess it works. It looks like I'm showing off my makeup haha.

With Chutipond, Elie and Ashley.

and Povy and Bobo.

Here's my favourite item and the highlight (getit getit) of their collection. Kate's Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow Pallete, which contains 0.1% gold but aside from that it's also very pretty and makes your eyes the diamond in the sky!

We all got a goodie bag each after the workshop with some samples :)

Kate BB gel cream, Freshel Moisture Lotion and Whitening UV Gel.

The Freshel Whitening UV Gel is awesome :D
I've been using it for awhile now and it's a super time saver! It's an essence, lotion, emulsion, cream and makeup base all rolled into one.Saves you the hassle of applying moisturizer, serum and makeup base and especially comes in handy when I'm rushing to get to work on time! 

Check out more on their collection here!

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