Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My fringe, why doesn't it just go the way it's supposed to?

Here's a list of everyday "girl woes" that I'm sure you would have experienced....if you're a girl that is. We'll start off the list with...

1. Bad eyeliner days.
The day starts off as any other day and you're ready to put on your eyeliner. Left eye then right eye then DAMN! left looks thicker than the right. "No matter" you say to yourself "I'll just even it out" damn! now the right looks thicker than the left. Next thing you know both sides are uneven and you need to rub the whole thing off because they don't match...and the angle of the wings didn't either.

2. Muscle aches and sports bras.
Are like the worst combo ever. Almost nothing is as difficult as trying to pull your sports bra over your head when your whole body is aching. Can I get an amen?

3. Having cramps.
Dont need to elaborate on this one but for the guys who are reading this, it's like having the worst stomach ache of your life but not being able to go to the toilet. So all you get is the pain..throughout the day.

4. Your fringe that never goes the right way.
You're at the salon and Angelina Jolie has just gone back to dark roots (says the magazine you're reading) and oh! she's got the side swept fringe going on. You want that too! So you tell the hair dresser to cut your fringe a la Angelina Jolie and ...yea that didn't work out so well. Your fringe has a mind of it's own and instead of sweeping to the right like it's supposed to it's falling over your forehead and poking into your eye.

5. VPLs
Especially with your tights and skirts. Then you gotta make sure it can't be seen so you have to tailor your undergarments to the bottoms you'll be wearing for the day.

6. Oily hair.
You know that feeling when you've been out the whole day and you just really wanna wash your hair but you can't because you're still out? Yes, this can probably affect your mood more than having cramps does.

7. Shoe bites and blisters
Because sometimes, pretty shoes are worth it and we come back with blisters and red marks all over our feet. But do we learn? No we don't. If the shoes match the outfit, we wear them again. Repeat cycle. Don't lemme get started on strappy heels.

8. Short skirts
And trying to get in or out of the car gracefully while wearing one. Almost as difficult as sports bras and muscle aches....almost.

9. Things that look better in the fitting room
And look terrible on you when you put it on at home. Suddenly that supposedly slimming LBD you just bought makes your arms look huge and your butt look gross. somebody throw Shamu back into the ocean!

10. Thinking your nails are dry
When they aren't! Then gets dented while it's still semi wet. So what do you do now? Because the polish on your other 9 nails are nicely painted so you can't remove the defected one without messing up the rest. #fwp

And that's the list! ...well all I got for now anyway. I'm actually lining up for Dinosaur Land in Genting as we I type.


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