Saturday, July 27, 2013

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream | Nbrew @ Midvalley

The other day we were invited over to Nbrew to try out their liquid nitrogen gelato! :D
This is gelato that becomes gelato instantly (more on this later). It contains no preservatives and is made in front of your very eyes! This also makes it fresher than fresh.

Okay before your paranoid brain starts going crazy, I googled this and liquid nitrogen is safe for consumption when handled properly. Haha, okay maybe it's just my paranoid brain, but hey at least now you're (I'm) assured.

We were given chance to try making our own batch of liquid nitrogen gelato! So here's how the gelato becomes gelato, instantly :

Just casually filling up a jug with some liquid nitrogen. No bigs.

 Here's the creamy cream that makes the gelato well, gelato! haha.

Cream goes into the beater with the liquid nitrogen and poof!

This was their best seller, Chocolate & Nuts.

Look at the smooth texture of this! It was incredibly light and incredibly creamy! I realize how that sounds a little contradicting because creamy ice cream is usually associated with chewy-until-can-bite. You'd have to try this to understand what I mean because really soooo light! so smooth! creamier than cream. lol!


We also made Creme Brulee and Gula Melaka and Avocado which were really good too. You could actually see the vanilla bean in the Creme Brulee!

Out of all the flavours, my favourite was Durian. Omg I loved the Durian! I'm usually quite skeptical about Durian flavoured things because they never end up giving the Durian justice. Like durian dodol, which tastes just like an after taste. But this! This was so creamy and durian-ny, like eating cold, creamier than creamy Durian. I would brave the jam and the crowded weekend parking for this.sigh.

Last but not least, their Affogato which is new on their menu. Like a little bit of Italian heaven. This was s'good! :)

They also have other flavours like Orange Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Nutty Banana, Salted popcorn and even Yogurt gelato.

You can find Nbrew on the first floor of Midvalley Megamall, next to Cotton On.
Opens from 10am to 10pm, so you have ample time to look for a parking to try out their Durian gelato. No srsly! lol.

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