Sunday, August 4, 2013

Suosday from Angkor Wat!

I just got back and I'm feeling tired and restless at the same time.
We crammed as much as we possibly could into 2 days and it seemed like the longest short holiday ever.
Everything seemed to be on fast forward and now, as I'm sitting down in my room in my jammies
I feel like I don't have time to be tired because I need to go some where! haha.

More on my trip soon!

On a different note, I'm looking high and low (on google lol)
for Phantom of the Opera tickets for next weekend and it seems to be fully booked!

I remember when I was, my cousin and I were hardcore fans of The Phantom of the Opera
 and knew the whole soundtrack by heart. We would play her cd on loop as we drove around (or rather, as she drove me around)in her CRV and falsetto our hearts out like we were opera singers. We'd even do a tag team where I sang Christine and she, Raoul. 

We were so obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera that, embarrassingly enough,
we'd sometimes  ask each other questions in the tune of the songs.

" Chay May, chay May, whereeee in the world have yooouh been gooo-ing" 
*sung in the tune of Angel of Music*


So anyway, now that I can't find tickets I'm super bummed.le sigh.
Help! I need to watch this musical that speaks to me and calls my name.

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