Tuesday, May 7, 2013

...that happen on a weekday

1. my alarm that rings on Monday morning :(

2. when it starts raining just as I want to leave for work.

3. when I'm already at the traffic light down the road and I realize I forgot my phone.
*Angry u-turn, stops car, unlocks door and runs into the house, locks door, starts car again*

4. the traffic report.
Because it's jam everywhere..everyday. It's "bumper to bumper" and "slow crawling" because of "heavy traffic conditions" along "most major highways". Maybe they should report places that aren't jam. That'd be new..and exciting.

5. Taylor Swift.
Because her song keeps playing on radio these days. Especially that trouble one.

6. Motorbikes
because sometimes I'm bitter that I've been stuck in the same spot for 10 minutes and they're whizzing past me. :(

7. When the traffic police cause more of a jam.

8. Running for the lift
I don't know why people have the habit of just staring at you as you walk through the lift doors without the slightest thought of pressing the button to hold it open for you. Lagi best-er when the lift doors are closing on you and they just continue to watch you as the doors bang into your forearm. Lagi best-est when you're literally running for the lift as it's closing and people just watch you from the inside of the lift. Why don't they hold the door open!? Don't know that I'm trying to get in is it? No la actually I'm just playing a game, "How many people will look at me if I run toward the lift for fun but not actually go in".

I should one day dedicate an entire post to lift etiquette. Because as the world progresses toward modernization, the society needs to be taught and begin adopting these methods and ideas of modernization. " Oh what is this? Is this a button? What does this button do? Does this really hold open doors?! Ermergerd! It does!"

9. Logging onto facebook and seeing Candy Crush invites.
I thought this'd be over by now. This Candy Crush..it's a strong one.

10. When it doesn't rain the at all throughout the day, but as soon as I'm packing up to go home it's thunder storming.

And that's my list. What are your best weekday things?

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