Wednesday, May 1, 2013


There's always that one person you know who has really bad B.O.
That one person who everyone knows has really bad B.O but doesn't know it

I remember when I was still in school, there was this guy in my class who you could smell coming from a mile away. Okay not really a mile away la...but even if you weren't paying attention, you'd know when he entered the classroom. Especially after PE he'd sit under the fan and we'd all start tearing up. It was so bad that one of my classmates suggested we all chip in more money to our class fund to buy deodorant for him.....and everyone agreed. "How many sticks of deodorant do you think RM42 can buy us? He's gonna need all the help he can get"

And here's the thing about people with bad B.O, they get really defensive and borderline rager when someone tells them about their B.O. Just like the guy we wanted to buy deodorant for. Once, someone had nicely, in an "eh bro" way,  pointed out that he should start wearing deodorant and he started swearing and cursing. "KNNCBBBMHKGAT.....Fa gyu la!" I wonder if it's because they get it a lot they're annoyed when someone tells them about it or that they know they have B.O and get defensive because they can't do anything about it. Hmmm....

Oh I'm sorry.... how did this post come about? I had a dream last night that I was that person.
That person who was infamous for having chockingly bad B.O that I didn't know about. Then someone in my dream bought me deodorant as a present and my friends decided to have an intervention (like in HIMYM) about how I have the worst B.O in the world. Naturally, I was incredibly embarrassed but I also started getting angry because they were my friends and should have told me about my bad B.O earlier in my life to spare me the embarrassment and everyone around me the cringing. That's more of a nightmare then a dream la maybe.

Sorry there was almost no point to this post other than to share my dream with you.
But just in case I do smell, well.. "KNNCBBBMHKGAT.....Fa gyu la!"

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