Saturday, December 8, 2012

The biggest turnoffs.

Editted : I thought of a TURN OFF #8!

This post was inspired by my boyfriend who, like a dog during bath time, puts up a fuss whenever I tell him it's time to cut his hair.

It's a list of the most undesirable traits in guys that I secretly flinch at. Like most of my lists, it's probably just one of those things that only get to ME and doesn't bother anyone else (maybe).  
Oh great trixh, it's another list of pet peeves.

TURN OFF #1 : Guys with long fingernails.

I cannot cannot stress how gross I find this. The only reason girls keep their fingernails long is so we can paint them and put cutesy art on them. If we couldn't then we probably wouldn't see the point in keeping them long! Isn't it harder to keep long fingernails? They break and get in the way! Dirt accumulates underneath them! Worse is when there's one incredibly long pinky nail. Or as if it's a selected few, long fingernails on certain fingers only.

TURN OFF #2 : Guys with long, unkempt hair.

And I'm not even talking long like Jacob Black long, as long as it passes the ear and kinda fans out at the neck, it's long.

Granted, some guys can pull this look off.
But in this sticky rainy Malaysian weather it gets all greasy and damp looking. There are also some guys who decide to have a side parting and it kinda greases all over his forehead. *shudders*

Some guys Bieber-flip their hair to the side when it's too long. It's so distracting! Like they're kinda spasm-ing. And don't me started on guys who wax/mousse/clay their hair upwards even when it's way too long....and end up looking like an un-cosplayed Goku.

Okay let's put it this way. As a girl, I think guys generally look more attractive when they have neat, tidy, above the ear, un-fanning (you get what I mean) hair.

And even though you're the new face of Chanel no.5...this message is directed at you Brad Pitt!

TURN OFF #3 : The Chomping Chompers.

I admit that this one probably only affects me. Other girls might not think it's a problem or maybe not even notice it.

What I call the Chomping Chompers are guys who don't chew but CHOMP! at their food. Mouth open, tongue showing, food visible. This is a major turn off okay! Worseterestest when they eat something soupy or saucey and you can hear the squishing squashy sounds they are projecting....*squirms*

TURN OFF #4 : Singlet guys

Guess this one isn't fair. I mean guys have to wear singlets to the gym and the beach..and for sports..and to run marathons.

Okay this is for guys who wear singlets for any other reason than going to the gym, the beach, sports or running a marathon. Like going to dinner. Or going to a shopping mall. Or casually going for a their singlets. Why you do that!? You no proper shirt?!

If you wanna do that at least have Adam Lavine mus-kles. Why you show off your puny/flabby arms?
But then again, if you're inappropriately wearing singlets to go places just because you work out, what you tryna prove huh?

Okay this #4 is going no where. I guess you can skip it.

TURN OFF #5 : Unmanly men

Like guys who get a cut and freak out about it.
"Omg do you think I need stitches! So pain! Shit! I think I need stitches"
Please la. Go rub salt into it and stop being a pansy....and hold the door open for me while you're at it.

TURN OFF #6 : Sweaty Smelly guys

Not after a workout or sports, just perpetually sweaty smelling guys. Can be fixed with deodorant or cologne so having a naturally musky smell is not an excuse.

TURN OFF #7 : Guys who post pictures of themselves shirtless

..when they aren't on a beach but casually flexing in front of the computer. I don't think I need to further explain this one.

TURN OFF #8 : The Moushies.

What I call The Moushies is the moustache in it's stage of adolescence. Too long to be called stubble, and not long enough to be called a full grown moustache. It's in the awkward eyesore days of poking out like the unfuzzy side of a worn out Velcro strip  Not growing downwards but sticking out and growing in different directions like it has a mind of it's own.

There's also the boy beard. It's when guys don't have enough hair on their chinny chin chins for it to be called a beard, but long random strands growing from from their chins that they don't bother shaving/plucking.

Just writing this, I'm already cringing.


And that's the list!

What are your biggest turn offs? For girls and guys.
It could be like " I hate it when a girl overdoes her eyebrows because she ends up looking like a tranny" hur hur hur.

And on the next of heytrixhahere: Should guys get the bill on a date? To be discussed when I blog next.

tata for now!

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