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Why Stadium Merdeka is the best place to have a concert in December.

I just got back from Jennifer Lopez's concert!

white face because flash not cooperating with me! Very hard to camwhore when everything is so dark!

JLo, she still got it! She's still hot! Still poppin' and lockin' and body rollin' all over the place.
The concert was much better than I expected!

But this post isn't about JLo. Sorry guys. It's about Stadium Merdeka

As you probably already know,
Stadium Merdeka is the site of one of Malaysia's most historically significant events. On 31 August 1957, power was transferred from the British Empire to the newly independent Malayan government. Tens of thousands of people crowded into the stadium, which was built specifically for this occasion.
- Totally took this off wiki.

It's also a National Heritage building. So it's not hard to see why JLo's concert would be here!

But just to reaffirm this statement, here's my list of why Stadium Merdeka is the best place to have a concert  (because somehow I always like to put things into lists) :

1. Ticket Price Segregation

You know how in most concert venues, ticket prices are based on how close you are to the stage?
Say RM200 tickets get you in the VIP section. Then RM 100 tickets gets you a little further from stage then the next one down, free standing and so forth.

In Stadium Merdeka, it's a one up every other venue because..

This is the difference between the tickets!
Oh. Why is it all colourful on one side and not on the other? Those are the people in rain coats.
Used to distinguish the RM168's from the RM368's.

You see if you buy RM168 (cheapest) tickets you get to enjoy the nights cool air.
If you buy two tickets up, RM368, the only difference is that it's shaded.
But why would a completely shaded stadium be important? Especially when JLo's concert is held mid Monsoon season.

Besides the one side wearing rain coats and the other side not having to, there is also a distinct line dividing where the RM168s, RM288s, RM268s, etc. are seated.

Beyond this gate were the RM368's. Locked and gated so that you know your place!
Don't get all high and mighty thinking your measly RM168 tickets will allow you to cross the threshold to the RM368's. Don't embarrass yourself okay!


The properly divided designated seating areas are also a big plus! (Stadium Merdeka can't really take credit for this, must be the organizers! *throws confetti)

RM168 - under the nights starry unobstructed air (unshaded)

RM268 - lucky you! freely standing on the grass filled with the monsoon nights dew watching JLo on the giant screen (more about this in abit)

The rest of them, well they clearly overpaid since there was efficient seat planning.

For example, where I was sitting, I got to see JLo up close and almost personal.

Like how the non-royals are up close and personal with Will & Kate on their wedding as they wait on the streets outside Buckingham Palace. To think, if I were to climb over this tall fence, run the length of a football stadium and up the stage, I would be able to breathe the same air JLo breathes.

3. Seeing JLo

From where I was sitting, I could see JLo so clearly

 ........from the screen. But double luck-ness and a pot of gold! I was always able to see her tiny figure, unless she danced her way to the leftest side of the stage. My view would be obstructed by the giant screen which brings me to number...

on super zoom, till cannot zoom anymore

4. The giant screen.

If you were seated directly opposite the stage, you'd be the luckiest of us all!
Might be a little far to see JLo all the way from the other end of the stadium? Think again!

You would have seen a larger than life (size) JLo! No need to strain your eyes. Of course you wouldn't be able to see the physical JLo, and when the screens show Pitbulls part you wouldn't know what JLo is doing.....or if she's even on stage anymore, but that's a minor detail.

And that's my list!


To hold JLo's concert in an outdoor sports stadium during monsoon season? Not very wise.
And to put a giant screen right in the middle of the stadium that was blocking JLo? Can you BE any smarter? *insert Chandler Bing face*

Don't get me wrong, Stadium Merdeka serves it's purpose a sports stadium and it was built in the 50's so must give it a break.. I think it would be a good place for a concert. If JLo's world tour was bound for KL in April! Then at least there'd be a lower chance of rain/ it wouldn't be monsoon season. It would also be a good place for a concert (even in monsoon..maybe) if the seats/prices weren't planned so ridiculously. You pay the least you get unshaded seats, pay abit more and you get to stand on the field....really? Maybe Bukit Jalil/Stadium Putra next time.

But I really did have fun at the concert! 
JLo still got it and (after her concert) I realize I really like some of her songs like Dance Again and Goin' In, they're so catchy! I'm listening to them as we speak....err, as I type!

Her dancing during the concert was as good as ever and she sounds almost exaclty the same live as she does in studio versions. And that's impressive! Because some artists aren't good live! (like Fergie)
And she does all this while dancing like..well, LIKE JLo! Three thumbs up seriously!

All this, coming from me..the girl who likes mellow, deathcabforcutie, non-Rnb music. I got asked/told more than once " You went for JLo's concert? Why?! It's so not you!" or "You of all people go for JLo? I think you'd go for something like Engelbert Humperdinck." or something along those lines anyway. Because I like! She's the World's Most Beautiful Woman but you don't be fooled by the rocks that she got cos she still Jenny from the block. Hur hur I'm so punny.

Oh yes, and thank you for my tickets. This post and seeing JLo would not have been possible witchautyou.

That's all from me :)

p.s. Since we touched the topic, Pitbull is ...a rapper?  ..what?
And why does he keep calling himself Mr. Worldwide? You can't just give yourself that title can you?
Or was he awarded the name?

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  1. Hi Trixha, I am planning to buy CNBlue concert ticket which will be held in Stadium Negara too. I know the layout could be different from JLo's but will you mind to take a look at this layout?

    In your opinion and experience, will VVIP C,D,E,F be very far from stage? These are seatings so I guess it's the original seats of the stadium. Thanks.