Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2012..

summed up nicely in a famous-trixha-list:

#1 : I spent the New Years of 2012 in Bangkok with mummy dearest.

I remember it like it was yesterday. This is me in the most happening of places in Bangkok for the countdown. Everyone was wearing these flashing Minnie Ears around, so I bought one too. because I have a constant need to fit in D:

I'm gonna tell you an embarrassing story.
It was 20 minutes to countdown and I really needed to pee.
There was a queue so I thought " Nehh, I', sure I'll make it."

It's my turn  when this Japanese lady taps me on the back and starts speaking to me...in Japanese, which I don't understand, but right behind her comes a little girl clutching her...let's say stomach , almost in tears. So I let her go first. They spend what seems like half an hour in the toilet and when they come out I hear it.


My mum said "Ah I saw abit of it..well at least you were being a good samaritan" 

And that was my New Years countdown. I know, glamorous.

#2 : I graduated! 

I hated what I was studying and I hated the college I was in.
I hated the tight tight tight deadlines (tight like badly fitted leggings that give you camel toe- tight)
and the sleepless nights that became a norm. Until now, I still sleep really late for no apparent reason, because I got used to it.
I hated looking at sprinkler plans and mech & electrical plans and air conditioning plans and all the other technical building support drawings I had to do.

Okay hate is a strong word, please read again and replace "hated" with "really disliked"

But I did it. It was my last week of finals, external evaluations and my graduation, when I finally got.......

#3 : ....Chicken Pox

I had a fever, I was feeling miserable, I had boils all over and I didn't sleep for 3 days, so I could finish my final project for a graduation that I couldn't attend.

Sometimes I think I can fly if I really tried.

#4:  I started my working.

In, you'll never guess it, the heart of KL! Right across the road from my college. Yay!
It was in a relatively big design company, that did many of the posh hotels and restaurants you know and love!

While I was working there I would always think to myself  "Wow! Right now I'm designing the feature wall for this TTDI Condo/ Mall/ Troika Restaurant *sparkly eyed*  I've never felt so important in my life" *rainbow forms over my head and unicorns dance and er..ya*

But at the same time, I couldn't wait for it to be over. Even though, for reasons beyond my understanding, I was asked to stay longer I decided not to. I thought I needed a well deserved break.
Which brings us to ....

#5 : Camping on the beach.

With my friends. and really bad tan lines! Read here.

# 6 : I joined a build.

I wanted to start my break by doing something I never have. So I joined Epic. We spent 3 days in Batang Kali building a house for an Orang Asli family. I'm so obviously sun burnt (again) in this picture. I think I had uneven tan for more than 2 months. You have no idea. You can read my post on it hereThe build..not the tan lines.


#7: I ended up in Australia for over 2 months.

The plan was to stay in Melbourne for 10 days and then Perth for 20 days to see my grandmother.

The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens

Walking Rusty behind my grandmother's house in Perth

Toward the end of my trip in Perth, my uncle suggested I stay longer and with all the fun I was having I thought yea! good idea. I extended my stay another month and then almost instantly regretted it. What was I gonna do in Perth for another month!? *runs around in circles*
and to answer this question...I did lots. More about this in my "Why Perth Isn't Boring" post....that will come soon! Then I extended my stay again for another week because my uncle wasn't feeling so well.

#8 : Shang Hai

I got my ticket to Shang Hai pretty early in the year, before I had plans to go to Australia ..or any other plan for the rest of the year for that matter.

When I did go to Australia,  I didn't plan on staying as long as I did. So I got back from Perth and a week later, left for Shang Hai.

Shang Hai was quite an experience. I could dedicate a whole post to the culture alone.

Everyone who sees me says "This girl ah, always travelling..having too much fun!"
But at this point ..I really missed home! After 2 months plus I just really wanted to stay home, sleep in my own bed, eat banana leaf, that sorta thing.

I've been meaning to blog about Shang Hai too. Bear with me!

#9 : Urbanscapes

Malay version of me and destined FF (friend forever) Nadira and I got hired to decorate a booth for Urbanscapes. It was carnival themed as you probably guessed. We thought of and finished everything within something like 3 days. We always say we're gonna do this for real next time, after we're done being fabulous. Haha.

#10 : My first and only concert this year

I went for JLo's concert! Courtesy of Says.com.

#11 : Japan

While I was in Perth, my mum calls and says Japan. Cheap tickets. Need family vacation and together-ness.

This was when I  missing home and leaving for Shang Hai soon so I was like " But but but..I wanna stay in my bed and eat my banana leaf and...." I know guys, FWP. Everyone should be so lucky.

I'm so glad we went! Japan is...ahhh. I loved it!  More about this when I blog about Japan...soon!

Said post will also explain why I look so kawaii/ like a 10 year old. Oh yes, there's a story behind it.

#12: I got home and it was Christmas!

My favourite time of the year.

M for Merry Christmas, right guys right?

# 2013: 
I told myself that starting January I would look for a job. So the holiday's over. Gotta start trying to be a grown up. I'm giving myself until July to really really decide what I want to do.

I hate saying that and I hate when people ask. Who really knows what they wanna do with their lives? Did Frodo grow up saying that he was gonna save Middle Earth? Noo..no I don't think so.
Haha. But seriously, whatever I decide, you'll probably hear about it here!

2012 was good to me. I graduated, made friends, travelled, experienced new things, exactly what I wanted to do on my break. :) It was a fulfilling and pretty exciting year for me. So,

I hope your 2013 will be better than 2012 and you tick everything off your resolution lists at the end of the year. :) Aren't you glad you didn't die on the 21st? Haha.

My resolution list; 

Learn Mandarin.
This is long overdue. I no nothing of any dialect of Chinese.
Whenever I order hawker food it's like "What? Who? Yes? Elvish?! Papa Americano?! ELEPHANT!"

Start exercising.
I have the stamina of a newborn fawn, that was born with 3 legs.
Okay. That was sucha sad example. Poor baby deer.
Is everyone thinking of Bambi now? Okay shut up trixh. Okay.

Take up a dance.
I don't know why! WHY! Every time I bring up wanting to take the tango or any form of ballroom dance people look at me like I just said ..I used to be a man...or something equally as ridiculous.
Why does no one else see the appeal to this? So toot it. I'm gonna take it up this year and maybe lie and tell everyone I'm taking up ..gangnam style...? or ..yea.

Go to Angkor Wat
Why does no one see the appeal in going there either!? When I bring it up to most people they *slight disgusted face* and say "very dirty you know? got land mines ah?" It's historic and tourist populated! Don't you wanna pretend you're Tomb Raider?! This is not the point, but c'mon.
Toot it. I'm going this year!

Figure out what I wanna do with myself by July.

thats it!

ooxxooXoXXx, trixha.

( hug hug kiss kiss hug hug BIG KISS little hug KISS KISS little kiss)

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