Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun at Plaster Fun House!

Do you like art?
Do you like painting!?
Are you looking for something more interesting to do than facebook your free time away!?
Then Plaster House is the place to be!

That sounded like a really corny 90's ad, but I couldn't think of any other way to begin :(
Anyway, I love Plaster Fun House. The first time I went was when Nick and I visited Bukit Tinggi a few months back -

Along with all the other corny tourist attractions lies a small little store filled with plaster figurines. So we picked one and what was supposed to be a happy coupley activity, turned to be painting my geisha figurine by myself. Nick said he didn't wanna ruin it *he's an engineeerr*

In the process...

And done!

Nick named here YOKO. Like Ono.

How it works is you pay them for your figurine and paint is free flow!
The only thing they stinge on however, are their tissues. -.-
And really, is anyone going to drive to Bukit Tinggi to paint a figurine? That's madness pff.

But right! but right! to my DELIGHT, and Nick's un..delight.
There's another branch in EMPIRE Shopping Gallery. Link's here.
Since I discovered the first one 3 months ago, I've actually already been there 4 times *blush*

The difference between the one in Bukit Tinggi and this one is;

1. There's a cafe in here
They serve cakes (I think) and coffee.Their Nutella cappuccino/latte thing is omg-awesome!
Which is great! Because some people (like me) tend to sit there for hours painting their figurines so it's perfect when you get the munchies.

2. The Staff are nice.
Compared to the ones in Bukit Tinggi who look at you like your wasting their time - when they could be doing important things like...playing doodle jump.

My Owl - painted as a parrot(because I wanted a challenge! HA!*)
which to me like 4++ hours to paint! Poor Nick, I know.

English dragon I painted Oriental (because I wanted a challenge! HA!*)

Bird + Wall of figurines

Birds I painted for my mummeh for Mother's Day

Cat that Nat painted for her mummeh for Mother's Day

So yea, it's fun! And something more interesting than spending your Saturday on facebook!
You could maybe paint a mini Mario or Ironman?
Here's their link: Plaster Fun House.
They open till 10pm but their last call is at 8pm.

Here's a tip (trust me, I'm an expert ahem) :
Ask them to dry the figurines properly after they spray it with gloss or just hold it instead of putting it in the box. Because the paint chipped off mine twice! And after all that hard work, it's just not the way to go! So make sure it's really dried before chucking it in the box.

* HA! like semangat HA not HA! like hahaha.

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