Monday, June 18, 2012

Appreciate, appreciating, appreciative

I saw this on 9gag today.
When I read it, it was one of those slownod-sotrue moments.
Kind of an " AHA! You've been outsmarted! don't tell an overstuffed-me to finish my rice because of starving children around the world!"

While I kinda-sorta agree with the above, (or maybe I just hate cliche sayings)
I also realize that I take things for granted and sometimes forget to appreaciate what I have in front of me.

So here are 5 things that I am grateful for/ made my day, in the past week:

# 1. Crawling out of my cave and getting an Iphone/ My Iphone finally working.

Thus, getting instagram(also something that made my week)
which is fun and theraputic at the same time. And twitter.

#2. My boyfriend who brought me to not 1 but 2 bazaars

in the same day.

#3. Durian Buffet

Finally! With good company #bonus

#4. Booking my flights to Melb+Perth for August!

Here I am kissing a horse back in 2010,
and I get to do that again in 2 months time, also get to see bffff Jio aw. #grateful

#5. Going to my first swap party

Also with good company. #bfflunch

There that wasn't hard at all was it?
And everytime I think of why I can't do this, or don't have that (because I'm human okay!)
I'll try to think of 5 things I'm grateful for just in the week, to generate happy thoughts and remember to count my blessings.

ps. #6. That you're reading my blog. heeh so I know I'm not soliloquizing.


  1. hey, just wanted to say #5 i had fun too and #6 im reading your blog, and thanks for reminding me to be grateful of what i have too. guess you know who am i already xoxo

  2. i want to go for a swap party too! and naw @ #4 :]