Monday, May 7, 2012

The first time I went there, it was bare empty and unlively - and barely opened.
But I loved it! And no one really understood why. While I happily went on about how artsy it was with line drawings on the walls and how it's space wasn't just for shopping but an "exhibit" of art
most just said " yea but theres nothing to do there".
And that! ...was so true.

But I still constantly went there just to soak in the artsy vibes (from the mini exhibitions to the funky art know, boring things like that haha) and looked for excuses to drag anyone there (heh!).

So on a merry Sunday afternoon, we decided to go there for lunch and whats this?

It was very happening Publika,with stalls set up for a bazaar called F.A.B (Fuyoh Art Bazaar)
Lots of things! like artsy workshops, handmade buys, and other artsy fartsy things - totally up my alley.#happycamperface

a hotdog vendor/ handmade bound books

artsy stuff/more artsy stuff

Art jamming! Where you get a canvas and get to do whatever you want with it with a free flow of paint. Which I pointed excitedly at..then saw that it cost something like RM45 *insert bubble that burst-ed-ed*

handmade stuffed sock toy thingis

And lunch!

There's a lot more to do there then just the bazaar, a lot of things for people who like artsy things
like soap making, sewing , beading, etc. Also wholesome events like Wheelie sundays and drum circles (oo! the wholesome-ness!).
Here's a page to check out their events *CRICK!

btw, this is also where I got henry, meet henry gais!

Isn't he the cutest!? (and not at all overpriced)
oh yes, and his fellow brethren,
who are all standing because Nick went into ocd mode and stood all the tumbled ones...which was more or less, all of them.

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