Monday, April 16, 2012

Make up @ Malswisse ss2

So, I started my indefinite holiday with a Make Up Course! :) #productive start

Nat and I got vouchers from Groupon that were RM50 for 3 people instead of RM2000(ish?)

The course was a 2 day thing which included "glamorous evening makeup" (correctly spelt thanks to Fergie haha!) + hands on hairstyling techniques (remember these words)
at Malswisse Derma Care - same row as Murni in ss2.

Day #1 :

The class runs over a period I think 3 months, and you can pick the days you want to go for.
There wasn't anyone in the class but us! So yay! more attention from the teacher*(??)

The form we had to fill in..not showing you that we had to fill in a form
but look at the tagline! it says "Shaping your future in beauty and wellness"
I know! ooooo so hardcore and intense.

With Grace the teacher*(??) , who said "don't take my picture! I got no makeup today!"
Stephanie and Nat! :)

Before we went for the class Nat was like
I hope they don't teach us something useless to wash our face or something.

And guessed it! - they taught us how to wash our face.
From cleanser - moisturizer.

Our most "glam" picture :)

Between cleansing and moisturizing we put something like 8! things on our face.
This took an hour plus! Which was super tiring!
Especially since I'm quite lazy and usually just go from cleansing to moisturizing. fail.

Taking out all the MAC cosmetics - which is what they use most of.

Our makeup demo

Day #2:

Was something of a test, where we did everything we learnt from the first day
(yes...another hour washing our face D: ) + our hair.

Verdict :

We learnt some pretty handy things on the first day like :
  • foam on hand first, not directly on face
  • washing upwards! because your pores face downward.
  • Makeup downwards because you don't want them in your pores.
  • THIS ONES GOOD! - removing your makeup with wet cotton wool saves the product , easier to remove, and goes easier on the face.
  • lipstick - constantly wipe one way (like left to right/vice versa) because it confuses the lip muscles.

Day 2 was.....err.....*thinks for more positive word* less informative.
We had basically gone there to apply our own makeup and do our own hair with almost no guidance then we left.

Remember the word I said to remember? hands on hairstyling techniques?
I was kinda thinking like they'd teach you to put your hair in a bun with curls falling down
ala hollywood glam!

but they just asked us to curl it...then fluffed it out and said.."there, like this is nice!" and then we left.


I'd pay RM50 for this but probably not RM959(what it normally costs)


Would I recommend this to anyone?

If you aren't good with makeup don't know how to apply it then yes!

If you do, then no! because they teach you things to put on mascara, which you might know. and curling your hair..which you also might know!

buy yourself a mani instead or MAC's gel eyeliner or something from OPI.


But upside! With the deal we also have a choice between OPI or a specialized facial.
So RM50 isn't so bad...maybe even RM50 well spent.


I forgot to mention!
Malswisse is a beauty school cum beauty centre.
So you can also get facials and such done there.

And! since it's a beauty school, they actually sell makeup as well!
And! because we took a course we're counted as students!
students get a discount on the make up!
AND! it's mostly MAC *exclamation mark!* #happycamperface

*teacher : because they referred to themselves as teachers, but I feel funny saying teacher.

#ps. I never usually edit pictures! but they make my post look more cutesy and chirpy....okay wait. I just realized they look kinda instagram-my also but I don't have instagram, so just let me have this one ok? haha

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