Thursday, April 5, 2012

Because I want to remember what's happened/happening for the year...
I'm on blogger again!

Most memorable things that have happened to me so far:

#1 : I've graduated! - which is a good thing because ..well let's not get into that *happy thoughts*
#2 : I got chicken pox right before graduation ): because theres no better time to get it than just before graduating! right?

I didn't do a New Years Resolution list...because I was busy with alot of things, it feels good to breathe now..*inhales ahhhhhhh* . I really can't believe it's already April. when did this happen? oh right probably when I was busy playing with floorplans.

So back to my New Years Resolution list (or quarter of the year's resolution list) :

#1 : Things to do this year!

I'm thinking a gap year. And I don't mean one to laze around rolling out of bed at 3pm, or partying the night away. With the free time I (finally) have, I want to do some fulfilling things this year. Like take up a sport, a language, learn new things, ( like the ukulele.. which is progress). No solid plans now. But I'll play it by ear and hopefully not waste the time away.

#2 : Be less impulsive when shopping

No srsly. (Almost) every girl should have this on their list.

#3 : On the same note...

Try to wear different things everyday. With all the things I buy, I have no idea why I tend to stick to the same things. why bother buying new things if I'm going to leave it in the untouched corner of my cupboard.*shakes head disapprovingly*

#4 : Be less judgy.

I don't know if it's a chinese thing, (or not) but really..why are we/I so judgy? ( okay.. man up and admit it.. ) Like why do we/I have sometimes have opinions of things we probably care nothing about? Also why do we care about things we initially didn't care about just because someone said something about it? follow? so anyway,

resolution right there.

#5 : Keep to my resolutions

Because everyone has to have this in their list of resolutions. haha.

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