Thursday, June 11, 2015

What To Buy In Tokyo.

While Bob was in Japan, 
I did some Googling and found out that there are really good brands of make up stuff and beauty products that I needed (the youtube people said).

Okay, there are actually tonnes of things that you should/can/must get from Japan. So I did some research and narrowed it down to the common items that most/all the sites were raving about and...

"If you see any of this stuff, can get for me?"

*proceeds to spam Bob with pictures of stuff I want*
Some face scrub, face foamer, lip balm, know things like that that men generally shop for.

"Oh okay ^^ "
It was over whatsapp, but I'm sure his eyes were like that ^^.


He got back yesterday and I said,

"Soooo, what did you get me? hehehe *straightens halo* did you manage to find anything?"

"I found everything!"

"You found everything?!"

"Ya! Like going on treasure hunt"

He empties out his bag;

"I found this guy, I dunno what this thing is...but I found it. What is this thing, what does this do??" 
He looked very confused hahahah!

"It's a foamer! ^^" I said.
Not him. I know the eyes confused you there for a bit.

"Oh" he nods.
Yea, he probably didn't get it.

"Then I got you this, mascara. But they didn't have the type you wanted, I got this one instead"

The type I wanted? 

"The one you wanted was the long one that makes your eyelashes like that *makes a shhhhh sound and gesticulations that look like eyelashes growing*..

Oh there are types.
 The youtube lady didn't say, I thought there was only one type. I mean, the package I saw online was in Japanese...but I didn't tell him that la you know, I just said..

"Oh, it's okay ^^"

"..but they didn't have anymore so I got you this one that's the split out type. It makes your eyelashes go like shhhhhhhh! *more gesticulations with fingers stretched apart*"

"Then this one you wanted! The lipstick" Bob says.

"Oh! which colour is this?"

"Heheh *shrugs* I also dunno"

"Is it like red? Or like pink? or Orange?" 

"Hmm, it's like a bit red and a bit orange...but quite pink also
.....It's somewhere in between. Ya, somewhere in between those colours ^^"

Did he just name all the colours I mentioned? Maybe if I said purple he would've said in between purple too ahhaha!

"Oh okay! ^^" I said.
Not him. Just, you know, clarifying.

Things you need to get:

Cure Aqua Gel
face scrub in a gel form that doesn't leave your face dry. Must try. Srsly.

Pickled Sakura
for my txcooking. I was very excited about it!

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge
super lasting lipbalm in Flowing Cherry Petal, a shimmery pink tint! No orange or red.

Kanebo Bubble Net
Turns any facial wash into foam. Magic!

Shiseido Integrate Mascara
You know, splits out eyelashes.

Rohto Lychee Eyedrops
Recommended by Sue Ann & Anne. Makes you happy putting on eyedrops. Really.

He even brought back the dried sakura I asked for and some ugly Lazy Egg stickers <3

Okay la, like you. Think I'll keep you  :*


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