Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dry hair, kinda care | Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment.

"I need to take care of your hair"

Wow. subtle. I've been busy okayyyyy?

That's what my hair dresser and every other hair dresser tells me when I go to cut my hair.

That's why I'm cutting it! because it's dry duh! #defensive. 

But I can't go on pretending I'm okay with my dry ends. Some days I wonder if I can do a Britney so that new, shiny, fresh hair can grow... that will never happen because then I wouldn't be able to use my hair to hide my face fat, but you know, a girl can wonder.

like Bob.

But anywaaayyy,
The hair guys often suggest that I try out their hair treatments but I'm reluctant and pretty skeptical. I did it once, all it seemed like was getting my hair doused with conditioner and it returning to it's usual dry state the next time I wash my hair. Temporary happiness I tell you. What a tease.

"Do you want to maybe try Number 76?
 They have this treatment that makes your hair really shiny and smooth and glossy, it's fabulous"

Yea right.

I googled it just to see if it was an over exaggeration but I only found good things said about their magic Ultrasonic treatment. Makes your hair smooth like butter and all that good stuff.

I decided to give it a try, hair is overdue for some TLC anyway.
Shush. I've been busy.

Made a booking for the Number 76 in Bangsar, I really like the place!
Doesn't make you feel like you're in a giant toilet with echo-ing whizzing sounds (from hair dryer).

I got the Ultrasonic Premium Iron Hair Treatment but I'm not gonna through specifics,
 I mean do you really want to know how he put the mixture on my hair or how yet another person told me my hair is dry? Use your imagination ok?

But the results,
So smooth that it was almost fake.

"Where got hair like this in real life one!"

The difference between other treatments and Number 76's Ultrasonic treatment?

The machine that looks like a straightener (but isn't!) works with vibrations (no you don't feel the vibrations, in fact you don't really feel anything). Honestly, I don't exactly know how it really works either. What I do know is that the vibrations help the hair absorb the good stuff and

it made my hair fabulous.

And for the days that followed my hair felt healthier than ever! It was so smooth and silky, I kept playing with it like I was Cher in Clueless, we all remember that show right?

I even kept telling people to touch my hair (something I usually hate with a burning passion, but good things are to be shared right? Like my smooth hair hahahah!)

Best part was when someone asked me;
"Why does your hair look so shiny now? What did you do to it?"

I only wished I recorded it!
So I can play it on loop to all the hairdressers who told me my hair was dry.
Eat that! Eat that!

Anyway! I recommend it!
It has the trixha seal of approval, plis go try!

Here are the details you need :

Go make a booking so you can tell people to touch your hair too!
And take gifs like these;

Taken by Bob, who I didn't even know was taking a video.
Ironically, I was telling him that the wind wasn't working with me.

What usually doesn't work - hair and wind
What does - my hair now and this wind.



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