Monday, May 25, 2015

Thrift shopping.

After Bob showed me an American Pickers video I had a brilliant idea!
That we should visit one of those thrift store places! I had heard my dad talk about one near Ara Damansara and I told Bob that we should totally go, I bet we'd find some good stuff.

"...200,000 square feet with over a million items" I read their page.

"200,000 square feet? I don't believe" Bob says.

So anyway! We went over on Sunday and really, they have ALOT of stuff.

There were tonnes of leather couches, cleaned up and in really great condition, there was a whole fleet of sewing machines, ice cream makers, lamps, even hospital beds, heck! we even saw a boat. That's right a BOAT. 

We were pretty impressed with how well run the place was, it was very organized and everything looked really cleaned well. Too bad we didn't find anything to bring home.

When we left, I saw some tiny tiny leaves sticking to my feet and ankles and brushed them off...

and they started hopping.



I told Bob to check his ankles...

they were crawling over his as well and on his pants!


"There are red spots, must be the bites from the insects"
and chills ran up my spine. No. Seriously. 

Shuddered all the way home and threw all our clothes in the washing machine, 
then fumigated the car.  

"But it's not itchy huh? Just red dots"

Boy, was I eating my words that night when I woke up, annoyed and scratching my feet and ankles. The tiny red dots are now full blown swollen bumps and even as I type this I am scratching.

Bob however, had no reaction to the bites and his red dots went away after awhile.
How dare he! What happened to doing things together!! D:

Guess you could say we did bring something home. Curses!
Maybe no more thrift shops for us.

What do I doooo? Suggestions please! So itchy!

 Okay imma go punch some grass now or something.


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