Tuesday, May 26, 2015

An Itchy Update

I'm sure everyone's excited to hear about my bug bites 


I was awoken at 5am this morning by the itch and found myself scratching at my ankles. Guess you could say I scratched myself awake. Before I slept, I put on antibiotic cream and tried some bedak sejuk to relief the itch. None of it worked. I even rubbed a tea bag over my ankles (read it online),

I was afraid that my annoyed, groggy scratching would make them bleed so
I hobbled around half asleep looking for calamine lotion and slathered it on before diving under the covers again.

Woke up a few hours after because of the itch again! I was so annoyed!
Ran down the stairs, still half asleep, half blind because I couldn't find my glasses, threw salt and baking soda into a pail of hot water ( I read it online, a stinging yet relieving feeling. Very confusing. Like watching a Christopher Nolan movie) sat with my feet soaking for 30 minutes while hating the world.

Haha I know, I sound really dramatic. But it's so itchy it actually woke me up!
Worse than chicken pox because those are painful and you don't want to scratch them, these are little stinging, teeth gritting, itches.

Went on with my day half dancing in public because it was so itchy and I was trying to rub my ankles together to scratch them. I'm sure I looked really cool there. Yea whatever.

"Well, if you think about it, they look like tattooed little sakuras" Ema said.

Yea...by a drunk tattoo artist who thinks "sakura" means "hey let me try to draw circles with my other hand instead" then yea maybe!

Couldn't find a pharmacist so I went to a doctor who gave me antihistamine and some anti-inflammatory lotion. Relief...for about 5 minutes.

No trust me, it's worse than it looks.

Went home and rubbed salt over my legs. Christopher Nolan moment all over again.

I took another antihistamine and rubbed ice all over the itches (a suggestion from facebook). 

and. still. itchy.

*punches grass*


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