Friday, February 27, 2015

Being An Independent Woman

We were talking about popular brands when we arrived at..

Bob: Braun Buffel, I used to own one. But I dunno now I think it's a little....

Me: Mainstream? Yea a little. A lot of people have it.

Bob: Ya last time my friends and I used to compare our wallets because we all had one. But it's quite a good price la right?

Me: Ya for the quality, it looks quite good.

Bob: Ya and you know all my friends, their wallets were given to them by either their girlfriends or ex girlfriends. All of them.

Me: Oh ya ya! Most of my friends bought it for their boyfriends. 
WAIT. So who bought yours for you then?

Bob: Oh I bought it myself ^^

Me: Awhhhh 

Bob: But it's okay, it's because I'm independent! ^^



Later, we walked into a store and..

Bob: This is my song!

Me: What song?

At this point, Bob starts singing along to the music,

Bob : She's got her ownn thing, Miss Independennttttt~ Except in this case Miss Independent is me la. and everything she got she bought it~~ See! I bought a wallet for myself! 

Me: Okayyy *pats back* okayyyy.

So like,
Maybe I get Bob a Braun Buffel tooooo?


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