Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't know if I can Mac it.

While I was in the middle of something important, my trusty Asus decided he was going to take a nap on me and shut off (shh, he's old. We let him do what he wants). This happens ever so often, as he's not as young as he used to be and tires easily (read: battery life sucks). Despite having the best sound like...ever! (B&O baby!) I decided it was time to get a newer, thinner, sleeker laptop (life story of a majority of people in their midlife).

" Omg, you need a laptop? You need a Mac"

" Mac is the way to go, it'll change your life"

"I don't know how I'd ever survive going back to windows"

" You can try Samsung, but I'd recommend a Mac la"

I don't know if you've gathered, but I'd decided to get a Mac, because just like having brunch on weekends, it's just the way to go. Apparently it was going to change my life.

BTW, Technology and I are just two things that don't go so well together. Sure I know the basics, but just like an aunty in her 50's , I take some time getting used to new systems. So this Mac thing was a giant leap forward for me. I've never used it (aside from having an Iphone) and that one time I borrowed my friends laptop, I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out where her window went. Stupid gesture, swipe thingy.

Got my laptop, turned it on and.....

Where is the right click on the touch pad and how do I copy images?! 
Seems so stupid to have to Google this! 

Now..why do I have so many desktops????

Right click doesn't do anything so how do I open the link in a new tab!?

What are all these fancy gesture things? *squints at video instructions*

GAH! Told you guys, like an aunty in her 50's. I was getting super annoyed!  
I'm glad I was at work yesterday because Minj saw my computer and;

"OMG is that a new computer?! Did you ever have a Mac before this? 

So I've heard.

"Uhm, no I haven't I don't even know how to use it prop..e..."

" OMGG! Have you set it up??? Let me set it up for you! YAY! I get to set up her MAC! 

Okay, WHAT group is this and how much do you guys get paid to preach about Mac? 

She (very excitedly) gave me a whole introduction including how to tag your documents, she even set up the gesture, swipe thingy for me and changed my screensaver...and of course reminded me that it was going to change my life haha.

I need to swipe all the gestures and point to all directions of the screen (like figuring out which switch turns on what in your living room) to find something but all good so far. Just glad this computer is so much lighter and I'm able to use it unplugged. 

I can hear Mac users all around welcoming me to their new way of life, just like the Paleo dieters. I feel apart of the hipster community now. Thanks guys, I'll make you proud, just remember to add me into the chat group so I can get paid too.

Now how do I find this window....

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