Saturday, May 10, 2014

What Mother Says | A cute guy.

My mum just got back from her teaching trip in the US
and she excitedly came over to me and said....

"Ehhh!! Trish! You know I saw this really cute guy who was doing volunteer work at the institute"

"Okay mum"

"I told him I have a pretty daughter"


"Then I showed him your picture"

"What?! o.o"

"Yea! and he was blushing all the way! his friends agreed that you were pretty and he's a doctor!....
but he's specializing! He's going to be an Ophthalmologist. That's not an optometrist."

"I know mum"

"He's 24 years old and he's not very tall, taller than most guys here but not tall for an American.
 I took a picture of him come and see"

*glances over*
He was okay, he looked like an angmoh

"Isn't he cute?" she continues "...he's also very well brought up and very polite, I really like him. 
His father is a doctor"

"Are you trying to date me off?"

"No, I'm just saying that........
if you want to be his friend I also got his contact so you can be friends with him"

"What? Nothing wrong with being friends what."

Ladies and gentleman, 
my mother.

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