Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why are you wearing slippers?

"Why are you wearing slippers? 
Don't you know if you wear slippers to go out with me you have to use the back entrance instead?"

"But at least I'm not wearing shorts? So that counts for something," I quip.
 I knew how much you hated me wearing shorts or slippers out.

"If you were wearing shorts you'd have to stay at home and wash the dishes, 
because you're dressed like a bogaji*"

I laugh ......and change into my shoes.

*from what I gather, it means no money - mixing Hokkien and Malay


"What do you want?"
you ask while we have lunch at Kanna.

"Let's get sotong!" 
I say excitedly at the promise of Kanna's sotong.

" No cannot." 

"But it's really really good!"

"I know, that's why we can't have it. 
If you order it I'm definitely going to eat some and it's very bad for me."

With that logic, who was I to argue?......no sotong, we ordered chicken instead.


"Haha. Wow look at your breakfast, looks like you love it! What is that??" 
I tease, peering over your shoulder.

"Same thing I eat everyday. Cardboard. It's supposed to be good for lowering cholesterol,"
you cringe at your morning oats, exasperatedly, I must add.


"That aunty's husband is so sissy" you say motioning him.

"So bad you ahahah!"

"Ya until his tight pants and sexy walk turns me on!"

 Just for the rest of you, this Uncle was about 50, 
but he did have tight pants and a sexy walk. ahahhaha!


"Did you see what I posted on facebook? 
You go and see, you go and see. Guess who I'm talking about!"

"Who's that you're talking about? hahaha"

"Who else? Your chay chay's boyfriend! He's always carrying her handbag!"


"Girl, wake up wake up, I need your help to do something."

It was 6 in the morning. It was a Saturday. What emergency was this?

"What happened?" I croak.

"Come downstairs, come downstairs"

I stumble down the stairs half asleep, you point to the computer,

"How do you make the word to this slant??"'


I move the cursor to the little I on the toolbar. "Like this"

"Oh just like that? Okay you can go to sleep now"

I grumpily make my way up the stairs.
This was worse than the time you woke me up to transfer pictures from your camera to your computer.


"What did the doctor say?"you say mockingly as I walk in.
Everyone was asking you the same question and you were having none of it.

"Aihhhh. Maybe you can tell me and I'll convey the message to the rest of them."
I obviously understood your annoyance at the rest of them.

"He said if you wanted to enjoy the benefits of being a woman, you better go for a sex change" you say sarcastically "...you know if I rested every time someone told me to rest, I'd be resting 25 hours in the day" you roll your eyes.

That was so like you. To be annoyed that people around you were being annoying and not letting you do what you wanted to do. Asking you to rest? Ugh. how disgusting of them.


The expressions I use, the way I talk, my sarcasm, my knowledge of 50s and 60s music, the BeeGees? too current! - I get all this from you. So much so that once mum had said "I already have one of him, I don't need another one!" referring to the sarcasm of course. Well, I thought I was funny, you probably would've too. I know how much you loved getting mum all worked up...just to annoy her. I still do it sometimes, I like to think of it as a tribute to you. haha

Sometimes I think about you and I smile, sometimes I laugh, but most times I do and I well up.
During flights that's when it gets me the most. Hits me the hardest.

Sometimes on my way back, I drive pass your house and it reminds me of the times I was still in high school. Brace faced me, walking back from the library, pass the park and unlocking the front gate. I had the keys, naturally. I was special like that. I also had my cereal there. All my books. And of course, my room.

I was always welcomed. I don't even like using the word welcomed because that sounds like you had to extend an invitation to me for me to be welcomed. Too formal. No. I was just there. All the time. "Like his shadow" mum would say. Like it was my God given right to be there *shurgs* lets call it that, I know you looooved my company anyway, whoss we kidding?

"Soo..where are we going this time?" I'd ask whenever I see you booking a flight.

Most of the time, all I had to do was ask and I'd be on the plane next to you. The only thing stopping me.... was mum. How uncool of her to tell me I had school and couldn't follow you on holiday for 3 weeks that one time.

How I wish I could remember more conversations I had with you. All that sarcasm and all the witty humour. I hate ending things on a sad note. I know you would tell me to shrug it off - my being sad that you aren't here. Ugh, how disgusting of me, I may as well be wearing slippers..with shorts.

So short and sweet (after my long grandmother story),

You were the best.

Miss you lots Tua koo.

Your favourite nephew - As you would say. Like an old person, you always got niece and nephew mixed up.

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