Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to cram Siem Reap into 2 days | Day 2 : Temples and temples.

Read about Day 1 here


Poor Ken Yeang,who had to deal with me while I was freaking out at the top of the temple, being such a girl. Shameful! Especially while Munyi, who was like an asian Lara Croft, was practically leaping off the steps making her way down from the Bayon Temple library.

You see, it wasn't as scary on the way up. Okay actually it was, but it didn't look AS scary as it did on the way down!

 All smiles, little did I know.

Almost wanted to tell them to go on without me! Call a chopper or something to pick me up hahah! But it was really worth the heart-dropping-to-my-ass, because the view is pretty awesome and you get to see a whole lot of Bayon Temple from up here!

I wonder why there are so many pictures of me climbing down. Ken Yeang must have thought this very funny, was probably too polite to laugh at me so he decided to take pictures instead. Thanks Ken Yeang, you're a real friend. haha!

Munyi did it this way, I thought I could too!

Clearly not.

After I got down, I felt so accomplished, haha. It is soooo steep! There's nothing but 900 year old stone - and in case you fell, 900 year old stone to cushion your fall - which isn't very assuring la. How did the monks do it in their robes I wonder.


Day 2 started really early, like 5 in the morning early. This was because ,
"Guys, we need to see the sunrise in Angkor, apparently it's the most magical thing in the world as the sun rises over the temple" I say.

When we got there it was pitch black! We waited for almost 2 hours and we saw it...

...the sky get brighter without a proper sunrise. Just like the day before, it was an extremely cloudy day and the sun rose behind the clouds.

"I don't think we're gonna see the sun is rising, it's already so bright..and almost 8!"

I felt almost cheated! haha. Moral of the story is that August is not the best time to visit Cambodia, especially if you really want to catch the sun rise and sun set, as it's the beginning of rainy season. Oh poop.

But I did manage to catch a really nice sunrise.... from the hotel room window on the day we were leaving.
Cambodia -1 , Trixha - 0.

We hired a half day tour after that took us around the main temples.

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