Tuesday, April 23, 2013

YNOT Spark Your Creativity with Graffiti?

Everyone probably has a "Genting moment" from when they were younger. Like your mum lining up with you as a kid to sit on the boat that brings you to Dinosaur Land, your dad driving you and your sister up to catch a Westlife concert or running around the theme park with your friends for a school trip..and those are all of mine. haha. Genting has this nostalgic feel to it and although I haven't been back there in a really long time, it still brings back some memories. 

*picture clears up* 

So anyway, last weekend, we headed up to Genting for the YNot Graffiti Art Finale Competition! Where we saw caught,

1. BMX Cyclists

2. Graffiti, graffiti everywhere!
 And it was impressive. This wall was blank when we first got up to Genting in the morning :

and here it was the next day, I know..it's pretty mind blasting.

3. Riding the waves
The last time I was in Genting, properly properly in the theme park anyway, was maybe 8 years ago? and here's a confession! I've never been on any rides except like...the teacups I think because then, (and maybe still now?) I was too chicken to go on anything. *blush*

We took a ride on The Waves and I was like "nehh, doesn't look like much lah"...I underestimated it. It isn't scary scary la but it's...faster than I thought it was, and more fun than I thought it'd be. ;)

4. Elecoldxhot 
Were like poppin and lockin and body rolling all over the place with hints of comedy here and there. *thumbs up*

5. Songkran 
While we were up in Genting for YNOT, Songkran was going on. Songkran is a Thai water festival where they more or less run around the streets of Thailand and splash water at people..who can't get angry. My dad had told me that on one of his trips to Thailand he was wondering why the streets were empty and realized it was Songkran, he got water splashed at him and even saw someone open a taxi and splash a bucket of water at the tourists IN the taxi o.o.

Songkran in Genting was contained in a designated area. Thank goodness because,
Water festival + Heavy rain + Genting = shiveringandfreezingbuttoffpls.

Bubbles! bubbles everywhere!

 Eliephant wants a hug!

Random people I don't know.
6. Saving General Yang.
Need to tell you about this! For reasons beyond my understanding, we all agreed to watch a 1am movie that day ...actually it seemed like a pretty good idea at the time.

 "9.30pm movie? Oh got 1am movie. So 1am ya?1 am? Okay 5 tickets to saving General Yang" 

Let me tell you that..it wasn't. I'm sure you already know I don't understand any form of Chinese and I was pretty tired so I thought "neh, Chinese movie, quite easy to follow one right? no need read subtitles la. I'm sure there will be fighting and then someone will die." Yea that didn't happen, well it did, but there was alot of back story, front story, side stories in between. I couldn't follow the movie, ended up falling asleep and leaving halfway because I was so tired. But! at least now I can say I've watched a Chinese movie...in Genting...at 1 in the morning before. *optimism*

That pretty much sums up my trip. I had loads of fun, so thanks Nuffnang and Genting and thanks you guys, for the company..

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