Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snippets of Tokyo Disneyland during Christmas.

 With Cinderella's castle with a red nose because of the cold. *sniffs*

Tomorrowland Astro Blasters and The ClaaaaaAAaaaawww!

 Monsters Inc. Ride and go seek,
 Im watching you Wazowski always watching you | Mum and I made the leaderboard!

Toontown, probably my favourite-est place in Disneyland because of the vibrant colours and well toon-ish-ness :D

Fantasyland, where we had lunch at The Queen of Hearts Banquet hall. All Alice in Wonderland themed! Food here is a little pricey, but it's really worth the experience. :)

Poohs Honey Hunt, cannot stress how everyone should get ALL fast passes the moment they step into Disneyland. Waited in the cold for over an hour to sit on this ride! But I like the way they did it, the entrace is a storybook while the waiting line is themed like the Hundered Acre Wood, brought back so many memories and got me all excited #happyinnerkid :)


Mainstreet Electrical Parade. The whole street was lit up with colourful Disney characters in/on/dressed in LED lights and it was also during Christmas :)


It's a Small World, a must go when you visit Disneyland! During Christmas it's Christmas themed! :D Also brings back memories. I think the last time I sat on this ride, it was in Anaheim and I was 8? Disneyland really makes me feel like a kid again #nostalgic

Food, because Disneyland has the cutest food things.
 Mike Wazowski bean paste kuih thing that tasted like mooncake. Taste's terrible, tbh I just bought it because it was cute | Spicy sour noodles and look at that mickey shaped egg yolk! Disney people are crazy.....the good kind of crazy.

Minnie Mouse Strawberry bao, I don't usually like Strawberry anythings but it was winter and this was so warm! and not to buy, you tell me!? | Not a food. But quite hardcore and here I was thinking I was all badass in my stitch hat. haha!

That's all from me! DisneySea post here! :)

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