Monday, October 29, 2012

Around Leederville, Perth.

" Ya  you should go there! It's where all the artsy things are and where the artsy people hangout and when Beyonce was here she was there all the time"

SOLD! Mostly because of artsy things and artsy people hanging out there not Beyonce.  
Okay, a bit because of Beyonce.

During one of my free days in Perth I decided to take a trip to Leederville.
I say "take a trip" like it's a 4 hour drive or something but no, it's about 20 minutes from the house.
I've been there a couple of times but never really walked around.

Welcome to Leederville!

Leederville is a quaint suburb, really close to Perth CBD. Best way to describe it - The Bangsar of Perth. Only cleaner with a quirky, old charm. read: very hipster la

While I was there, I found myself rushing to get a parking ticket then rushing across the road before the little blinking green man turned red. Then I realized, I didn't know where I was going and that I was rushing for no reason.

Must've been the KL-er in me, constantly in a hurry (like BFF Jo who practically race walks wherever she goes), speeding to catch up with the yellow light and getting irritated at people who walk irritatingly slow.

Then it hit me,
if I knew where I was going there wouldn't be the need to explore would I?
So, I began walking "irritatingly slow" and tried to take in everything I saw.  

"EX-PE-RIENCE THE PLACE. SMELL the air! the AM-BI-ANCE of the place!" I would imagine my old college lecturer telling me. (he was very inspirational!..and dramatic! but the best of them are, right? )

irritatingly-slow walked by this cafe and it had chairs outside it's store just like that. Oh don't mind me, I'm just sitting on the sidewalk sipping my latte. No biggie.  

So hipster till cannot be anymore hipster! I had to go in, so I did!
I'm actually a little proud of myself *beams*. I mean who randomly walks into random cafes in a different country by themselves because it looks hipster? Apparently me, that's who.

I love this stencil painting bit on the wall! Might be too freaky to put on my room wall huh? hmm.


The plates! They reminded me of Malaysia.
Tea! tea galore!

As you can see, they've taken this suburban shoplot and transformed it into a cosy cafe with a strong oriental influece. read: stuff most people in Malaysia have in their kitchen.

I don't know the name of the cafe, it was so hipster there wasn't even a signboard on the top of the store or anything. But if you're in Leederville and looking for it, it's the place with chairs on the sidewalk I'm sure you won't miss it. haha

this was a music cum cutesy-random-stuff store.
a shoe display in one of the boutiques

Somewhere down the road, I saw another hipster-esque cafe and like the first I had to go in! 
Probably wouldn't be back in Leederville for awhile, so might as well la right? 

I went in and got myself a cake...just so I could sit inside and admire the place. 
No lie, yes indeed, I am that free.

chocolate orange brulee, sounds more fancy than it tastes.


That's pretty much sums up my trip to Leederville. 
There were so many other artsy stores, boutiques and window displays I wanted to take pictures of! 

But it was a little embarrassing because generally everyone in Perth wants to talk to everyone and it would be somewhat dodgy if I whipped out my phone to take pictures. They might think I want to send pictures of their products to replicate in China (like Rusell Peters).

This is what I like about Perth. A place can be so close to the city, but seem miles and miles away and be so laid back....and artsy.

BTW! Perth isn't that boring! 

Need to reaffirm this for everyone who gives me "so sad" looks when I say I've been in perth for 2 months. Melbourne isn't the only city with hipster (I'm sorry for overusing this word today! I can't think of another word to use in place of it) places okay!  

I think my next post should be about Perth and it will be titled "Why Perth isn't Boring".

I end this post with my face/brightly coloured-ness for the day. Very hard to take picture of yourself when you're alone okay! Give me chance! The middle of my face looks sunburned. But is not. Is the shadow of my phone. Haha. Clearly not very good at this looking at the sun and telling the position of the wind thing for pictures. I'll try harder next time.


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