Friday, July 6, 2012

For june.

A recap of what I did in June/more than 5 things:

I got postcards! :)

I made this!
I was so happy with it I actually kept it in my bag just to look at it. I know! #creepy :(

Shrek the Musical!
I love Musicals! Thanks to Jessie!

More people should watch musicals so I have people to watch muscials with!

There was a sale at Topshop! I am weak! :(

I went to Pasar Seni!
When was the last time anyone went to Pasar Seni? right right?

A blur picture of Clothes Buffet. Which was crazy!

Kerang at Bangsar!
My current all-the-time craving *starts drooling over keyboard*
Oh great feel like eating it now. weak!

ttfn, ta ta for now!*

* I just thought of the phrase "T-I double G - er" when I typed that out. heeh!

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