Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Glamping in Caravan Serai

The week before I left KL for Chicago,
Naeust, Fresh and Anne (hereinafter referred to as Gfrans) surprised me with glamping!
They told me to pack my stuff and kidnapped me for a weekend.

I say surprised because I really was surprised!


Me: No, I really don't.

Anne: OMG it's so obvious!

Me: Where are we going?


So yeh, Anne was keeping her cool.


So we weren't really roughing it out. Heck, the tents had air cond with an en suite bathroom.

It's glamping guys, it's Glamping.

This was the entrance of the camping grounds. 
We had our own tents on the other side of the river, but this was where we had breakfast.
There's also a karaoke room on this end!
We'd also brought some wine, but because we were camping (LOL!) we didn't have a fridge!
So we decided hey, let's put it in the swimming pool to chill.
Yea, everything's wrong with the above sentences.

This place is a really good place to hang out with your friends and bond. No interruptions.
Just laughing, talking, enjoying each others company (read: no cell service. cannot find data).

We spent the afternoon lazing in the pool and doing who knows what. I can't really remember. 
Probably just talking a bunch of nonsense and calling each other stupid.
(said in the most loving way I assure you)

Anne running into the pic after clicking on the timer.

For dinner we had barbecue! Which was provided by the glamping grounds.
There's a person who actually barbecues everything for you, Sue Ann was just impatient.
All we had to do was sit back and wait for the food to come. I know right, #campinglife lol
After dinner the same person also made us a campfire! 

I brought along a bluetooth speaker, which I'd recommend.
That, coupled with some wine - kept us entertained the entire night lol. 

At times I wonder where we'd find other people who do/say as many stupid things as we do.
I'm glad we all found each other, that way all the stupid-ness is mutual.
I really think we could star in a reality TV show sometimes.

 Had a guided hike the next morning! The hike was pretty tough as there isn't a trail. 
Just a lot of mud and rocks and branches. It was nice, I liked it!

Thanks for the trip gfrans!

We turn into airplanes when we're excited.
This was totally unplanned. I told you guys, it's mutual stupid-ness.
Somebody call Ryan Seacrest.

and wow, I miss wearing shorts, my legs haven't seen sun in a long time.


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