Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GM Diet Day 4 | Chocolate Milk vs. Hot Chocolate

Today we're only allowed bananas, milk and a special GM soup that contains veg and water.
I had a brilliant thought!

"Hey! if it says to drink milk means I can drink chocolate milk now right?"

"I guess so"

"Okay so if we see a Godiva I'm going to get an ice chocolate drink!"
I say, smiling at my own genius.

"Hahaha It's not the same"

"WHY!? got milk inside also what!"
#defensive #angry #deniesmeachocolatemilkdrink

"No it's totally different. Chocolate milk is chocolate flavoured milk, Godiva chocolate drink is chocolate drink with SOME milk inside"

"NOOOO it's the same! both also got chocolate inside and both also got milk inside what!"
#defensive #angryatworld #wantgodiva #oranyformofsugar #anythingotherthanfruit



It's been 4 days without meat or any form of carb.

"I want sang har mee at Grandmamas" 
*sulks and whines with hand on forehead and fans self*

Bob on the other hand,

"Yuck so oily, yucks! Let's have a banana instead, so natural and nice!
Tastes so much better than oily noodles ^^"

All his lying is getting out of hand.


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