Wednesday, December 2, 2015

GM Diet Day 3 | I will punch you.

On the GM menu:

A mix up of fresh fruit of veggie.
(read - the only things I've been eating for the past 2 days..together.)

We walked by beef noodles today and I love beef noodles! LOVE!
It was torture.


Bob: No la, not nice la. So oily. Yucks!
For the record, this is something we eat very often. But today he decided that it was gross.

Like a fat kid looking at cake through a window,
I look into the shop at people pulling beef noodles with their chopsticks,
eating happily, laughing (probably at me) and I hate them.

Me : No! Look at them eat! It looks so good!

Bob: So oily! I think fruit tastes nicer.


Me : After this stupid diet I want to eat beef noodles ok?

Bob: Oh.
My perpetually happy boyfriend with eyes like this ^^,
who looks like Winnie the Pooh (right guys right?), nods.

To which I respond with,
Me : And when that day comes, don't deny me my beef noodles.
I. will. punch. you.

I say slowly, staring him right in his eyes
(that I somehow found huhuhuhu, just kidding!)

Diets. It makes you say strange things,

that you totally mean but probably shouldn't say aloud.


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