Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mmkkr Ggghh Pui! Shang Hai!

Before I start this post, I need to tell you about my week.

Started off the end of last week with food poisoning from a dodgy currypuff I ate when I visited the Science Centre - seriously lay off dodgy looking anything if you know what's good for you -  which lasted till Tuesday. On Thursday I fell sick, could barely talk, drinking water was a pain..literally. The doctor said I had a really bad throat infection and wanted to give me a jab for it. No jab! because I don't like needles so I got pain killers and antibiotics. The next day! I dunno what was up with my eye but it was running (like how your nose runs) with eye gunk throughout the day ( okay just googled and might be from infection) and I woke up this morning with my eyes swollen twice it's normal size! O.-  Throat feels better now but I think it's evolving into a cough/flu and my stomach's acting up again. WHAT'S GOING ON!!!

Now back to our scheduled programme....

Ni Hao from Shang Hai!

Shang Hai seems like ages ago!
I see pictures and remember the places but not the names (probably because it's in Chinese) nor the specifics. I'm not sure where to start so I guess food would be best......

BUGULI (probably not how it's spelt) :

This is amazeballs! (literally balls haha getit getit) just looking at it I'm almost drooling! It's like xiao long bao with soup inside but bigger, tastier, fried and crunchier. Yes apparently that is possible..or maybe magic. You must eat this when you go to Shang Hai!

HAIDILAO HOT POT with like 40 different sauces (not really what it's called)

Tour guide Tee Wei brought us to this Hot Pot place and because it's popular, sometimes you'd have to wait hours to get a table. However, the waiting will get you a free massage and manicure and I'm not even kidding. Apparently, this place prides itself on their service and really..what's better service than free pampering while you wait for a table? 

But with luck against us! we went late and there wasn't a line anymore. Damnit! how dare they make us not wait? Hot Pot was pretty interesting, not a fan of their overly Sichuan pepper-ed soup (which burns! and is not at all pleasant when you bite on the pepper) but they also had like 20+ sauces to choose from like chilli, XO, kawasaki, peanut etc etc.... which I used to kinda neutralize the pepper taste.


Don't remember what the dumpling I'm drinking is called but it's this huge dumpling with pork soup and crab roe in it that we had a Yu Yuan Garden. The dumpling isn't meant for eating but the insides are for drinking ...with a straw. Not really a fan as it tasted like liquid smelly toufoo, maybe it's because they also sold smelly toufoo at in the same stall. Picture next to it are actual xiao long baos that we ate at a tiny stall at the side of a road.


On our way here I kept asking "What's the bund!?"  when said aloud it sounds like bun so I thought it was some eatery or something and was almost gonna bail because I saw an actual full on Forever21 building.

So yes. This is the Bund.Isn't it gorgeous? We waited here in the windy winter evening for all the lights to turn on. I think it was about 8pm? What you're looking as is the financial distract of Shanghai that's across the river. If you're wondering why it's called the Bund...it's actually German and you can google the rest yourself.lol!


More people should visit the other side of the Bund! I love the heritagey buildings that you can see from here. It's kinda like the heritage Shang Hai on one side and modern Shang Hai on the other across a river. It's almost poetic..lol.


Like a mini village of vintage stores, artsy shops and cosy cafes. Do you like being hipster? Hanging out at hipster places and drinking coffee like a hipster? Then you must visit this place #endstory


Where the street is lined with accessories! I got a few necklaces for about 30 Yuan (RM 15) each. Not sure if getting conned because speaking English/with the help of friends who were trying to speak Mandarin but I really liked them! Btw, while you bargain with them they will also tell you their story about wanting to end their business to go back to their hometowns and having children at home but I'm pretty sure if you check now they'd still be selling accessories in the same spot. So I'm guessing nothing to worry about.

In the fabric market I also tailor made a trench coat for 400 Yuan (RM200). Perfect because I have broad shoulders and very hard to find proper fitting ones that don't stretch down to my toes. Haven't worn it yet because so far I've been going to cold places right smack in the middle of winter.  :(


Worth the visit because Chinese acrobats are crazy! Like crazy crazy! But you know ..the good kind of crazy. Cameras aren't allowed inside, picture's from google.


Is a must to fully experience the Shang Hai culture. Especially during rush hour. Something you'll only be able to experience in Shang Hai and sights you'll never see anywhere else.


Because you need to familiarize yourself with this sound and avoid getting hit ..in the face. I think I was mentally cringing the whole 7 days that we were there. Very distressing ok!


There's alot to see and do in Shang Hai. Shopping, old streets, modern skyscrapers, museums, sightseeing and best of all it's pretty safe. You can walk a dimly lit street alone and feel somewhat safe. The only problem is the language barrier that would make it a little hard to get around.....I'm working on it!

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